How Ikea Is Hacking SEO With Funny Product Names

In Ikea’s latest campaign, the Swedish furniture company teamed up with their marketing agency Akestam Holst and renamed their products based on frequently Googled relationship predicaments.

Ikea’s latest marketing effort is changing up their Swedish product names and renaming their best-selling products based on common relationship related questions online which can potentially be solved by Ikea products.

According to the marketing agency behind the latest campaign, the names stem from the notion that Ikea products aim to solve our everyday predicaments. The crafty concept is essentially a hack of SEO strategy— a person looking into answers for their specific quandary online, will come across results that include an Ikea products with the exact same name on a microsite called Ikea Retail Therapy. That is to say: problem? Meet Ikea solution. Or rather, “my partner snores” can be solved with a single daybed, or “my son is afraid of the dark” is remedied by a LED night light. That simple wooden bookshelf you’ve been wanting is no longer referred to as “HEMNES”; it’s now been reinterpreted as “How To Impress Someone.”

It’s cheeky, clever and maybe a tip in the right direction for your brand’s product strategy. Here’s why Ikea’s latest campaign works:

It Goes For The Gimmick

Perhaps it is all a bit of schtick, but Google searches for “my partner snores” and “she doesn’t want to cuddle” prove the campaign has hit the nail on the head. Look up either in your Google search engine and Ikea’s products are one of the first results to pop up on the first page. What’s more, the products and pages on the Retail Therapy version of Ikea already have respectable Google rankings. Proof that the Ikea Retail Therapy products have carved out space for themselves in an already saturated retail landscape where the direction of competition faces a constant influx of change.

It Get’s Emotional

As of now Ikea’s microsite takes advantage of an principle of SEO that many companies and brands overlook: context. Most retailers tend to pay more attention to product description than product name when describing their product.

IKEA Hacking SEO

(Image courtesy of Ikea)

Ikea’s campaign highlights the opportunities in understanding what problems their product is really capable of solving and what solutions their consumer might be looking for. This latest campaign stint resolves that there are interesting possibilities for your brand product’s name. For IKEA, their opportunities come in recognizing that the same consumer who looks up an answer to “why men can’t open up” might also be the same one interested in investing in a corkscrew.

It Goes After Product Title

There’s a reason why SEO has a strategy, all users search by using direct and straightforward terms with hopes that their search will lead them to a path ready to give them help. It’s likely that your brand has already ensured that its site has products descriptions that are relevant, descriptive and loaded with keywords that customers are likely to search for. Make sure your solutions are easy for your consumer to find, by putting it in the product title.

A well-defined product title will account for the fact that search engines consider the first words of a title over words at the end. It can mean all of the difference for the results that your customers receive and maximize their understanding of what services you can provide them with. As an example, a bookcase on a furniture site might come in two various colors. Providing the color of the bookcase at forefront of the product title for the bookcase like so “Brown 11×5 Bookcase – Ikea”  versus “Ikea —Brown 11×5 Bookcase” can narrow in your product in the search engine listings for it. This and other particulars are what make SEO more of a science than an art – it’s important to ensure that you’re maximizing your ecommerce site’s SEO potential.

The brand’s latest campaign carefully concocts a strategy that could be used for your brand’s next big idea. The Stockholm agency, behind this clever SEO hack, might a bit far and away for your businesses, but don’t let big ideas pass you by. 180Fusion can provide you with the best SEO services on the market, with innovative strategies for your business – all you have to do is ask.