5 Ways for Attorneys To Nail Local SEO

google local seo for attorneys and lawyers

SEO is always changing, but local SEO is crucial for attorneys and other professionals who have clients that are or can be looking for you locally. Local search has become more important than ever, especially for a service like yours that can benefit from local client interaction more than many other businesses. Nailing local search on your website will give you the competitive edge over other attorneys nearby and improve your overall traffic.

Use Killer Title and Meta Description Tags

What’s the one thing that readers see when your business pops up on their search engine results page? That’s your title and meta description–every website you’ll see in a search engine has one, and more likely has one customized for each page on their site. These are crucial elements of your website that you need to customize not just to increase overall conversions by convincing people to visit your site, but especially to increase your local traffic and presence.

This information should be accurate and to the point since you only get about 150 characters to work with in the description, and readers need to know both WHAT your business is and WHY they should visit it. In part, these tags are like an advertisement for your firm, and one you really need to nail. To help further improvement in local search, try incorporating useful local SEO keywords associated with your business, like the types of clients you serve and the city you operate in or the locations you cover.

personal injury meta data example

Build Strong Local Links

Link building is another influential factor when it comes to local search ranking as well as improving your SEO. The bottom line of link building or backlinking usually means getting other sites and business to link back to you and mention your business in a positive way. In theory, this directs more traffic (and customers) to your business and also helps improve your ranking by showing Google that others can vouch for you and that your site and services can be trusted. However, after years of updates to the algorithms that power search engines, not all links are equal. In fact, some can even hurt your business.

The real key here is to do some research and only get backlinks from reputable websites and companies you want to be associated with. A website that uses spammy or cheap tactics, deceives its customers, or simply ranks poorly over time doesn’t just bring itself down, it can also hurt those around it and lower their scores as well. On the other hand, a business that is liked and plays nicely with Google can have very beneficial backlinks. Therefore, looking to get your services listed on places like local city-run sites, businesses groups, or local organizations are great places to start.

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Locally Focused Content

Local keywords and link building may be very useful to help improve local search, but focusing on posting quality localized content to your website is massively important in its own right. This means content based around your specific area that caters to your customers, or the people you want to become your clients.

Not everybody that comes across your business is directly looking for an attorney: most people discover business websites on their own search for some specific information, in your case, usually legal advice and practices. As an attorney, you possess a wealth of knowledge that people want to know about, and your website provides you a place to use that knowledge to advertise your skills and business. One of the best examples of this type of content is blogging, which gives your business a way to share passion and knowledge with people in a more approachable and relatable way.

local seo blog content example


Update Google Maps and My Business

It’s amazing how many local businesses still haven’t taken advantage of their Google My Business account and gotten their business appropriately listed on Google Maps. If people search for something like “Attorney’s near me,” you want to be sure that your business page and Google Maps page is showing up for them.

This is a simple step that any business can and should be doing to give itself a huge boost in exposure. You want it to be as easy as possible for people to see this business information, like location, hours, contact info, and reviews, and keeping this data accurate with Google will go even further to help you rank better.

Personal Injury google maps example


Your Reviews

reviews examples for lawyers to help with local seoReviews are important, but online reviews hold a new kind of significance that more and more businesses are finally starting to realize. Not only do most people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation for a product or service, but these reviews are one of the most influential factors in your website’s ranking and visibility to new customers (aside from making your business page look good).

Reviews can help market your business otherwise by showing current or growing activity of your My Business page, and by allowing you to reach out on a more personal level and respond to reviews, which also looks great. When an average of 70% of customers will leave a review for a business if politely asked, this an opportunity that you can take advantage of.



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