The 3 Best Social Media Ads You Should Be Using | 180fusion

Social-Media-Advertising-OpinionSo you’re probably convinced as to the value of social media in your business. You might be wondering what kind of social media ads you should be using to not only grow your business but to get more fans and followers.

Below is a list of some of the top social media platforms you should be using because not only are they affordable but they pack a real punch and have huge viral possibilities:

Facebook Ads – One of the best things about Facebook is people are in a relaxed mood and are willing to look at advertisements. Using Facebook ads can allow you to target hundreds of different kinds of demographics including age, education level, hobbies, careers, just about anything else you can imagine would be important when creating an ad. Many marketers love Facebook ads because they are cheaper than Google Adwords and are highly effective.

YouTube Ads – Nothing captivates people faster than video. The good thing about paid YouTube ads through Google is that you’re guaranteed a certain number of views and it is also possible for your advertisements to go viral. Once you have a successful campaign using video, it is just a matter of linking to your websites in the about section beneath the video. Videos have been used to inspire and to excite people of all ages to become involved with many different kinds of businesses, promotions, events etc.

LinkedIn Ads – LinkedIn offers e-mail marketing, pay per click marketing and even display advertising. The network was perhaps one of the first most social as far as business networking. LinkedIn is also an amazing place to grow your business and many marketers overlook its effectiveness when it comes to promoting products and services. Most people that are on LinkedIn are there specifically to do business and to exchange ideas and marketing concepts. It is well worth the time to do pay per click marketing and even display advertising when you can afford a few dollars in this direction.

The key to truly building your social media empire is to devote the right kind of content to each of these networks. Many marketers have succeeded by using just one of these so if you take the time to create interesting and compelling campaign that provides high-value to the people that are looking for it, it is quite possible to have truly amazing success when you do so.