Difficulties of doing Google Adwords Management On Your Own

If you have a web site and have tried to do Google Adwords management on your own, you have probably not seen the results that you would have hoped.  Google Adwords is a difficult medium to succeed in without proper knowledge of how Google works and how search engine advertising works as well.  You might want to learn it on your own, but there are probably a million other things that you need to keep track of as well. 180Fusion is an expert in Google Adwords, here are a few things that you should keep in mind when starting with Google Adwords:


  • Your ad title and description matter A LOT.  Your ad title and description are what people see when they search for a keyword that you’ve bought ads for through Google.  With Google Adwords management you have the flexibility to control what the title and description of your ad look like.  You should focus on a call to action to engage people.  Something like, “Click Here For $20 Off Your Next Plumbing Service” is much better than “Arthur’s Plumbing — Quality Plumbing Since 1965”. You can also include a lot of what you do in the description of your ad.  This gives potential visitors a quick look into what you do and what you are about.  If you can convert with this small amount of text, you are very close to gaining another customer.
  • Do your keyword research.  It is very important to do your keyword research, before purchasing any Google Adwords advertising.  Google has a keyword research tool which allows you to search for keywords that may interest you and see how many people are actually searching these terms.  This can give you an idea if the keywords that you are choosing are popular enough to drive traffic to your site. Once you  have these keywords, you will be able to create meaningful content that will attract people to your site, and get your rankings higher.


If all of this sounds great, but you still do not totally get it, you should probably call in the professionals.  180Fusion has been providing SEO and Google Adwords management services for several years.  They would be happy to offer a no-obligation consultation to talk with you about your site and what you are looking for in terms of Internet advertising.  This can greatly help your business. What are you waiting for?


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