5 Whitehat SEO Tactics Search Engines Love | 180fusion

Regardless of the number of recent algorithm changes that take place on a yearly basis, if you’re interested in search engine optimization, here are some truly easy and powerful whitehat tactics that you can use that the search engines simply love and are never going to change:

High Quality Content – One good thing about high-quality content is this may be all that you need to rank your website pages with! Especially if you share links to your high-quality content on your Facebook page and your Twitter account so that you will be receiving social signals, good content is its own reward and Google loves it.

Search Engine Friendly Website – In order for your website to be ranked, the search engines have to be able to crawl it. Making sure that your website design is clean, efficient and easy for webbots to spend time on, will help your website get ranked and stay that way. This is especially true if you take the time to constantly update a simple site map. This will also make navigation easier for the people that visit your website and keep them there longer, thus preventing bounce penalties.

Meta Data With Proper Titles – Proper titles carry large weight in the search engines and so does having the correct metadata on each page. This is an easy fix to make sure that pages are properly indexed with the correct explanation and keywords. Meta-descriptions and meta-keywords don’t carry quite as much weight as a proper title, but search engines still recognize this is important content and will help searchers to fully understand the page that they are about to visit.

Excellent Inbound Links – One of the ways the search engines determine the value and importance of your website are by the inbound links that are coming from other websites. The higher the authority and value of the inbound link, the better it is for your website. There are many marketers who take the time to do effective link swaps or at least to get inbound links from well trusted websites and social media platforms.

Create Things For People Not Search Engines -It’s interesting to see that one of the top things search engines love is when you create content specifically for people and not search engines. In other words make sure that everything you create on your website is designed specifically for your niche and the content that they want to see. Too many marketers get caught up in the desire to over optimize their articles, posts and other information that they create, hoping the search engines will love it.

As you can see with these five white hat strategies that search engines love, you not have to use gray hat or black hat methods trying to game the system. Take the time to learn to do things right, give the search engines what they want and your website and you will benefit.