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Understanding Google Analytics: Your Easy Guide To Channels

If you are like most typical marketers, you are happy every time a conversion takes place. Did you know you could be more effective with your marketing if you knew exactly what precipitated your conversions?


Understanding how Google Analytics plays an integral part in the interpretation of ‘channels’ and how your conversions are really happening, is something that most marketers need to know. Perhaps the best way to discuss this is to use an analogy. Imagine every time a goal was scored in hockey, as being the same as a conversion or sales taking place.


While people celebrate the goal being scored, what really should be considered is the entire picture of how the team works together to position the ‘hockey puck’ for the goal. Like a coach, you need to understand these dynamics.This is because once you do, you can replicate it over and over.


Using this model you now begin to see the importance of Google analytics. Consider Google analytics as being the ‘coach’ that gives you all the valuable insight necessary to comprehend events that are taking place in your marketing; from often unobservable events, right up to the conversion.


Multi-channel funnels are what is new and hot in Google analytics. What this amazing set of tools can do is allow you to track how your customers interact with your digital channels for up to a month prior to a purchase being made. It’s like having a video recorder of shoppers in a store and how they behave before and right as they walk up to the register to buy.


Once you understand how critical it is to have your customer shopping behavior to examine, you are ready to take your business to the next level. This is how Multi channel funnels help you with growing your business unlike any time before.

For example, the path length report can allow you to view events that happened prior to the final conversion or if the final conversion happened solely because of its own merits (was it a good ad or was the customer already convinced before they saw the final ad?).


Another highly useful aspect of the multichannel tools is the time lag report. Understanding how long a customer will interact in your digital channels before making a purchase is another highly useful bit of information. This can tell you whether or not the time factor was contingent on the conversion happening. Time is always an important consideration when it comes to the final conversion so being able to control it to increase sales is huge.


The top paths report shows the different routes that customers take before they reach the final conversion. You can view these paths through either campaign or keywords. The top paths report also shows you how effectively you can get your campaigns, keywords and final conversions to actually work together and ways you may have never realized.


The assisted conversions report demonstrates some of the most favorable characteristics that occurred just prior to a conversion. Again, another powerful tool that puts many new concepts and ideas on how exactly to increase conversions beyond what the typical marketer understands.


So now you see why it is important to take advantage of Google analytics and multichannel funnels. Using all of these combined reports and information will allow you to hone your marketing skills, grow your business and fully understand your niche’s behavior in all of your channels.

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