U.S. Hispanics are ahead of the digital curve. Are you? | 180fusion

Numbers tend not to lie.156905405

It’s widely projected that the United States Hispanic population will see a tremendous influx within the next 35 years. Yet most brands don’t implement marketing strategies that cater to this audience. And sadly, most agencies advise clients to only minimally invest in reaching them, if at all. Yet Google, after surveying a recent panel of senior-level marketers, found that most project that 11-25% of their companies’ growth will come from Hispanics in the next three to five years. With the digital space increasing as rapidly as it is, opportunities to reach consumers follows in spades. Now, more than ever, it’s important for brands to hone in on demographics with tremendous presence and spending power.

U.S. Hispanics – at 55 million strong – comprise 17% of the total population. With $1.2 trillion in spending power (a number that’s expected to increase by 42% by 2017), and a median age of 27.6, it’s a young, tech-savvy corner of the market that’s expanding rapidly and demands to be fed.

They’re hungry.

YouTube reaches 89% of Hispanics online. They’re more likely than the average viewer to share, comment on, and upload videos, as well as following brand channels. The average U.S. Hispanic spends more than eight hours per month watching online video. With digital video quickly transforming the consumer landscape, it’s a corner of the market that’s vital when promoting your brand.

They’re acculturated.

With the United States being the melting pot that it is, Hispanics are quick to assimilate into new cultures while maintaining strong ties to their own. They speak English, speak Spanish in the home, and consume media in both languages. Curating bilingual campaigns – such as Fisher-Price’s Thought of That campaign – is crucial to reaching a wider, more diverse audience.

They’re mobile.

Almost half of Spanish-language searches are done on mobile devices. Hispanics lead in the adoption of new devices. They consume massive amounts of information on-the-go. In fact, three out of every five U.S. Hispanics goes online via a mobile device.

They’re smart.

52% comparison shop online. 42% read product reviews before making spending decisions. They’re 80% more likely to remember brands they see advertised online. And 94% are more likely to remember brands advertised in a viral video.

So how do you harness your brand’s marketing potential? Follow these best practices to better reach this rapidly-expanding demographic and tap into a vast pool of consumer power:

  • Improve visibility in top positions in search, especially mobile
  • Use video, social, and display ads to engage these audiences
  • Reach them however they search, whether in English or Spanish
  • Optimize their mobile experience
  • Consider implementing bilingual campaigns
  • Be culturally relevant