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“From devastation to empowerment and tragedy to hope, our 15th annual Year in Search uncovers the moments that captured the world’s hearts—and questions that revealed who we are,” – Amit Singhal, Google’s Senior VP for search

As the internet continues to grow at a drastic pace, Google continues their reign as the major hub of all internet searches. Each year Google provides us with an inside look into what people around the world have been searching over the last twelve months. In a year full of shocking national and international stories, internet searches ranged from the tragic to the celebratory. Surprisingly, the story that garnered the most attention was that of former NBA Champion Lamar Odom being found unconscious in a Nevada Brothel back in October.

Take a look below and compare 2014’s trending topics versus the trending topics of 2015.

Google’s also provided us with a convenient graphic to show the search volumes and life cycles of some of the year’s most popular news stories. November’s terrorist attacks in Paris attacks attracted an outstanding 900 million Google searches, while the 2015 Oscar Awards pulled in 400 million and the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada with 113 million searches.

The team at Google has done a fantastic job of providing us with the Top Google Searches over the last year. You can check out Google trends and see all of the Top Global searches year by year for a variety of different topics here: Search, Global News, People, Global Sporting Events, Movies, TV Shows and more.



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