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Online Marketing Strategies for Cosmetic Surgeons

As a digital marketing strategist, I am always looking for the most efficient and profitable mechanism to increase my clients’ footprint online. This varies depending on the industry, location and service. One of the industries we have core focus on is cosmetic surgeons.

Many cosmetic surgeons have traditionally spent most of their advertising budget on print – lifestyle magazines and local publications. Online searches have increased 40% over the last 4 years and are predicted to only increase yielding a new status quo and digital ecosystem for cosmetic surgeons.

77% of patients use search engines prior to booking an appointment. Search empowers patients, who leverage it for:

  • General Information (57%)
  • Evaluation of specific services (29%)
  • Comparison of facilities (29%)
  • Information on Doctor (42%)
  • Before & After / Testimonials (38%)

With elective procedures such as cosmetic surgery, Google has identified the “Path to Purchase” as the following:


As you can see above, it looks like the majority of cosmetic surgeons using digital marketing are found by both organic and paid search. Much more effective than any print advertisement with a direct response to generate and attribute a lead for your practice in a series of simple clicks. If I were searching for a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, let’s see what that looks like:




The areas highlighted in orange notate a Pay-Per-Click ad format also known as SEM. Anytime your ad is clicked on, you are charged directly from the Google Adwords platform. This is great for immediate visibility, however if not optimized and micro-managed on some level, it can be very wasteful (especially with click costs in the $10-20 range). As a matter of fact, I’ve seen many accounts with as much as 70% of waste in them without the right management. This involves tactics like building out negative keywords, a retargeting / remarketing campaign, split testing ads, call tracking, quality score of the account and proper bidding strategies in place.

The Green Section represents local organic search and is typically referred to as either “The map pack” or “local organic listings.” This is really the prime-time real estate on the Search Page as click-costs are zero and speaks loudly to the more affluent and sophisticated demographic who relies primarily on Organic Search when making “buying decisions.” The credibility and trust of being in this position speaks to the patient that “Google trusts them to be there, I should too.”

This “Holy Grail” of positioning is not easy and takes time and dedication. More and more the search engines are factoring user experience of your website, mentions of your business online, back-linking from relevant sites and syndication of your local directory listings to name a few of the major factors.

A consistent trend is that more and more of these searches are coming from a mobile device. As you can see below if you group all like searches of “plastic surgeon near me” into Google, the majority are actually from a mobile device (at over 47%):


If you don’t have a mobile strategy yet, it certainly is time to do so (especially with Google’s latest algorithm update announced to hit April 21st). Mobile favors the local “Map Pack” heavily as well as these are always shown directly a couple of Pay-Per-Click ads with much better visibility. Google also recently released a new “call-only” ad format in Adwords which is certainly worth testing in your market.

These two strategies used together have a synergistic effect in driving more qualified traffic to your site. The data suggests higher click-throughs and more importantly conversions from running paid and organic search in tandem. Here you can leverage the pros and cons of both to fill your book of business from digital marketing:


There is really nothing more powerful than search. Those raising their hand looking for your suite of services means they are ready to engage and start the conversation.

Are you ready for that conversation? At 180fusion we specialize in determining the most profitable and sustainable mix of online initiatives for your practice and then execute, test, tweak and optimize those strategies for profitability.

Sign up for our upcoming Co-Hosted Webinar with Google April 23rd to learn more. It’s free, takes little time on your end and can result in thousands of additional dollars in revenue for your practice.

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