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Local SEO Services- Google Maps: What’s the Big Deal?

Local SEO services- Google Maps is a hot topic of discussion for many local businesses who are trying to better reach their target market and establish a presence in the local area.  While some business might not consider Google Maps as their first option, those who seek after Google maps services can find themselves listed ahead of the competition online.


Businesses of all industries can benefit from achieving high ranking positions with local SEO services-Google Maps, as the number of internet uses increase daily. Smartphones, tablets and other on-the-go devices make Google Maps a convenient method of finding local businesses, stores and restaurants while people are on the go. Is your company ready to be found? If the answer is yes, Google Maps can help you out.


If you are not sure about the big deal with Google Maps SEO and do not use them yourself, consider this: according to Google, one billion monthly active users turn to Google Maps services for information. This is a huge number that can’t be ignored! The reason why people find Maps so helpful is due to the fact that each business has a type of profile listed on the web. When a customer searches for those services or products in that area, each profile will list reviews, a phone, address and other bits of helpful information.  Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to choose the first product they see that matches what they are looking for, and the same goes with online marketing. Businesses that rank high with Google Local SEO have an incredible advantage over businesses that rank on the 3rd+ page of a search result.


180Fusion is a recognized leader in the industry, especially when it comes to local SEO services- Google Maps. Named #1 Local SEO Firm by TopSEOs, 180Fusion has a proven track record of providing services that lend a hand to the success of businesses on both local and national levels. We take pride in achieving top rankings because we know how much correct placement online can boost a business. We will customize a campaign with you to achieve best results.


If you have any interest in Google Maps, or if you have any questions, call 180Fusion today to speak with a knowledgeable search engine marketing specialist.  We offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose by giving us a call. Call us today at 877-321-4180. We look forward to helping you take full advantage of the internet!


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