Jump Start Your Holiday Sales Using Google Shopping Insights | 180fusion

Google recently released a new tool called Google Shopping Insights. The tool measures consumer interest in products at a national, regional, and city level. You can also compare demand across devices, time, and location. While this tool was primarily built to help local retailers, it’s also a great tool to help fine-tune your PPC campaigns and add geo bid modifiers where needed. I also recommend using the tool to compare mobile to desktop patterns to better serve your ads.

Maximize Your Impressions Where Demand Is High

Shopping insights lets advertisers analyze product interest by location and time to understand when and where a product is in high demand. Below is an overview for “wireless headphones” based on data from Black Friday last year. Using the heat map I can clearly see where I need to maximize my impressions for wireless headphones and can make adjustments accordingly.


Google Insights also provides great data at a city level as well. I recommend researching and comparing different product keywords and researching how they compare in different cities.

Research Different Shopping Seasons

You can research popular shopping seasons within the tool including Mother’s Day, Halloween, Back to School, Black Friday, and the Holidays. You can also select a custom date range if you want to research further and gather more specific data.


Shopping Insights is still in beta and works best when tracking major trends. It was constructed for big e-commerce holidays and shows geo-specific trends. It currently only covers roughly 5,000 of the most popular searches from 2014 to September 2015. To research more specific product keywords, I recommend using Google Trends .



Mitch Lunceford leads our team of Strategic Account Managers at 180fusion. He helps create, implement, manage, and execute complex marketing strategies for both small and enterprise businesses. He is ROI and solution driven and has a proven track record managing SEO, PPC, CRO, Facebook Ads, Social Media, Web Design, and Landing Page Design Optimizations.