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How Instagram Is Helping To Boost Social Media And Business

Instagram is an impressive application that can be added to your smart phone. It allows you to manipulate pictures that you take with specialized filters, that make them very interesting to other people.

This online video and photo sharing platform is an explosive social networking service that can be used to post images not only to its platform, but places like Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and of course, Facebook.

What is amazing about Instagram is that, just like Facebook, powerful and attractive images are shared by the millions.  Facebook was so impressed with Instagram that it spent $1 billion dollars (that’s Billion with a B)  to acquire it!

Why would Facebook spend this much money on a simple application?

Instagram has a huge and loyal following of millions of people that share images back and forth each day. What is exciting about Instagram is, you are able to promote virtually any kind of business especially off-line businesses, by taking attractive pictures of your products and/or services and sharing them.

Because Facebook is now allowing the Instagram app to automatically share images on Facebook too, people are seeing a huge boost in their social media interaction and thereby, more customers and clients to their business.

It’s easy to use Instagram. Simply take your smart phone and download the application and begin taking pictures of your products and services. Clever marketers will also photograph their phone number and address to their business and add these images too! Need to sell a car? Take a picture of it and then take a picture of your phone number with an asking price! Want to sell your baked goods, take moody and thought provoking pictures with delicious pasteries in the background.

Once you master taking the right pictures and using the right image filters, you can create stunning images that will attract a lot of attention and comments. People exchange images, information and are able to see your general location and how you create your own special world for them to be part of. Never doubt the power of compelling images taken in the right mood or light.

By using #hashtags you are able to tap into some of the top Instagram image flows and share your pictures there. Imagine taking a few pictures of you, your products and services and within a few days or even hours, customers begin flocking in thanking you! It really can be that easy to promote any business once you understand the dynamics of this powerful application.

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