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Google is Making it a Bit Easier for Webmasters to Remove URLs from Their Index

On Google’s Webmaster Blog, they announced that one annoying hurdle to removing old or outdated URLs from their index has been removed. Previously, in order to get an outdated URL removed from Google’s index, you had to actually go through the process of blocking it in the webmaster console first. Now, they’ve removed that impediment, which makes it easier for webmasters to get old and outdated URLs from their index to avoid duplicate content.

In order to get a URL removed, you put it into Google’s Webmaster Tools. Within ninety days, you either fully remove the old URL and put some sort of 404 error page in its place, or block it using your robots.txt file or a noindex meta tag. This will be very useful for webmasters revamping their sites to include a new URL structure.

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