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Google and 180fusion on Winning Mobile

180fusion and Google joined forces yesterday for a co-hosted webinar, The Mobile Opportunity. 180fusion’s Director of Sales, Brad Keys, and Google’s Jessie Hochhalter, teamed up to share trends and insights to help business owners and marketers optimize their mobile strategies.

84% of people polled said that they cannot spend a day without their smartphone, making it more important than ever for businesses to use effective integrated, multi-screen campaign management. Jessie Hochhalter, an AdWords Expert at Google, discussed with attendees the need for business owners to acknowledge the shift that customers have made towards digital, and mobile specifically. The webinar focused on the importance of a great mobile website that loads quickly and provides clear placement of products, store hours, and location.

Google also outlined ways that mobile strategy can support growth, and how 180fusion, a Google Adwords Partner, can assist companies in building brand awareness, increasing sales, and returning on ad spend in a multi-screen world.

“What we’re projecting is that 72% of total US ad spend by 2019 is going to be mobile. These are things like mobile search ads, mobile apps, and mobile display. Mobile is going to be taking up a vast majority of ad spend. This is a great time be thinking about mobile strategy,” said Jessie Hochhalter, Sales Strategy & Enablement at Google.

Check out the recorded webinar to learn more about how mobile has changed the way customers find your business and how 180fusion can help.

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