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Google AdWords Introduces “Customer Match”

Announced yesterday on Google’s AdWords blog, in the upcoming weeks Google AdWords will be rolling out a unique and exciting new targeting option called “Customer Match.” This new targeting type will allow advertisers to import a database of emails and then target ads to those individuals, as well as to individuals who Google deems to be similar based on their user behavior characteristics and online activity to those in the database. This targeting option will be available on both Search and Display networks, and can be overlaid with any of Google’s other targeting methods in order to serve more relevant ads to high-value customers, and, in Google’s words, “delight your most loyal customers in the moments that truly matter.”

Read Google’s blog here for additional information on the update

Those familiar with advertising on Facebook and Twitter are already acquainted with this type of targeting, as both of those networks have offered this type of “Custom Audience” targeting for quite some time. And based on the results most advertisers have experienced targeting existing customers, past customers, and look-alike audiences on Facebook and Twitter, there’s quite a bit of anticipation about the possibilities of having this type of targeting applied to placements across YouTube, Gmail, and the entire Google display network.

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