Five Reasons Display will Take Over for Paid Search in 2016 | 180fusion

The past few years have seen several noteworthy trends in the realm of paid search ads and display advertising–and there are, no doubt, more changes to come in 2016. In a recent article by Search Engine Land, columnist Josh Dreller points to some interesting evidence to suggest that display advertising spend will surpass paid search advertising spend in 2016. And stay that way.


Here’s a preview of Reason #5:

“Ten years ago, digital marketing comprised 10 percent of the total marketing budget. Then it was 15 percent. Then it grew to 25 percent. By 2017, it will be 35 percent. As budgets grow, digital marketers are expected to dramatically scale up their efforts but keep the same efficiency.

And that’s where paid search falters. Most advertisers are already “maxed out” on paid search. And as all of us who have managed paid search accounts know, eventually, you hit the law of diminishing returns, and there just isn’t any more volume on your core keywords…”

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