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As I see changes rolling out to Google+, it reminds me of the closing scene to Beneath the Planet of the Apes, as Charlton Heston with his hand over his chest with blood oozing out saying, “It’s doomsday Zauis.”  As his dying act, he presses down on a button destroying the whole Earth.  Many feel that this is essentially what Google has done to their social network, Google+.  More particularly when it comes to Local SEO.


So what exactly has changed?


The most important feature that has changed is the removal of Google+ Reviews for businesses.  They are no longer featured on the Google+ Pages as a Tab; and Google has no intentions to bring it back stating that there are additional sources for Reviews (Google Search and Maps) and that Google+ was a lowly second source for Reviews.




Photos are a little more complicated to share, as they are no longer a part of the Google+ Page for businesses.  They’re thought behind this move was that the photos needed their own place to be shared outside of a social network.  They can still, however, be shared in posts.


The About Information is now accessible as circled lowercased i at the bottom-right of the cover image.  When clicked on, it comes up as a new box in the center of the screen.  The cover photo and profile picture are both displayed as well as the typical contact information such as phone numbers, emails, addresses, and hyperlinks.


As can be seen when first visiting, Collections is one of the shiny new toys that is featured on Google+ as their pride and joy.  With its introduction, they are reporting much success.  I myself, have fallen victim to following several different Collections that align with my interests.


Google has rolled out many new changes with their social media.  Even though several of these changes may feel like they’re destroying their very own social media, it is just a matter of adjusting just like all the previous changes that they’ve made.




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Nate Somsen has three plus years experience in SEO and SMO and has been an advid user of the internet since the late 90s.  As a Local SEO Stratetgist at 180 Fusion he enjoys finding solutions to challenges as well as sharing his knowledge with others.