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How to Utilize the Power of Facebook for Your Business

In today’s tech-focused world, establishing an online presence for your business is vital. As a business owner, you might have thought about improving visibility by having the company website in place, advertisements plastered upon the virtual walls of other sites, incoming links from forums and blogs etc. —however there is one simple tool that can leverage your clicks and power your visibility.  Have you considered harnessing the awesome power of social media to your advantage?

No social media platform is bigger than Facebook right now; here are three things that it can do to improve any size of business:

Increase Your Customer Base

Rule number one for any business: gain customers!

While a company may be fortunate to have a steady stream of trade coming in, there’s no such thing as having too many customers. And for those that are struggling to convert sales, any chance of gaining some additional consumers is worth taking.

Regardless of the vertical you do business in, using Facebook is a sure fire way of attracting a larger customer base.

Why, you ask?

– Facebook is used by virtually every single person aged 13+ in the Western world.

– Facebook can be used to market specifically to your target audience, ensuring maximum efficiency when it comes to reaching out to the people that really matter.

– Facebook can essentially be one giant billboard for your business.

– Facebook is an easy way to engage with current and potential customers.

With marketing being a costly procedure in most cases, it is invaluable to find an avenue like Facebook that is completely free to promote. Don’t pass it up!

Promote & Publicize Special Offers

If your company is having a sale or special offer, it is crucial to get the word out to as many potential customers as possible. It is simple business logistics–the more people that hear about a promotion, the more potential sales it has the ability to produce.

In terms of publicizing your specials, Facebook should be the first venue to reach to.

As previously mentioned, everyone has a Facebook account and everyone is constantly checking the latest updates on their timelines. The same cannot be said for those looking at your own business, where even the most loyal consumers are unlikely to peruse your offerings more than once a week.

Unfortunately that could lead to a loss of trade because if you have a short-term special, then it could go unnoticed by the majority of shoppers. With the power of Facebook, that problem can be resolved for reasons mentioned above.

Simply post your special, promote it on Facebook alongside an eye-catching picture and ultimately profit from it.

Now that you have a powerful platform to engage and inform customers, it is up to you to make sure it is a special that is worth publicizing!

Increase Loyalty of Customers

Loyalty from customers is one of the main things businesses strive to achieve. With the way social media platforms like Facebook allows purchasers to instantly interact with a company they acquired a product or service from, the ability to increase customer loyalty becomes very feasible.

Increasing customer loyalty can be done by just interacting with your customers, whether their feedback was good or bad.

But hang on–you might be wondering: how can negative publicity help to increase loyalty?

By responding to the negativity in a professional, dignified manner, it will allow other people to see that you really care about customer service. This can go a long way in improving your reputation as a whole. Broadcasting a comment like ‘your business sucks’ might not seem the most helpful for future prospects, however if you respond in a professional manner, potential customers will see that you care about each and every one of your customers. Persevere, and you can turn it in your favor!

Also make sure you don’t neglect any positive reviews. Promote the feedback so that others can see them, ensuring your business is seen in a positive light. Plus, you could also offer a small reward like a discount code to the review-giver, providing them with plenty of reasons to shop with you again in the future.

With the ease of use and the high visibility that Facebook offers, take the time to invest in this growing platform to increase your customers and promote your goods and services.

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