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Scott Cohen, CEO of SEO Services Firm 180fusion, Tests Google Glass

At 180fusion, we are pretty jealous that our CEO Scott Cohen got to try Google Glass! 180fusion CEO, Scott Cohen, had the exclusive opportunity to try the much anticipated gadget when he attended an Executive Round Table at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA.

Google Glass has a camera, battery, and microphone built in so that you can film, take pictures, search, get directions, and even translate languages while remaining hands free. Glass uses display technology to put the data that you search for in the upper right corner of your vision without blocking your view.

“This is the first time since the first launch of the iPad where I had a WOW moment. Excited to see what 2014 will bring with this product as I know 180fusion will be early adopters of it.”  said 180fusion CEO Scott Cohen.

The future of Google Glass and similar technologies will likely provide a number of exciting opportunities for consumers and businesses. Users can create and share content as it happens, as they see it, which will make it a great marketing tool. In the future Google Glass could be an easy way for consumers to make purchases, find stores and restaurants, and share their experiences with brands and businesses as they happen.

Very few people have Google Glass right now (mainly those developing software for the device). It has been reported that Google Glass and a Glass specific app store will be available to consumers in 2014.

Although Google says that they currently have no plans to include advertising into Glass they have been granted a patent for “pay-per-gaze,” where advertisers can be charged a fee based on whether a person looks directly at an ad while using the device.

It is easy to see where this technology could play a great role in getting consumers into local businesses while they are on the go. Would you consider advertising on Google Glass for your business?

Learn more about Google Glass here;

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