Industry News: Facebook Changes Measurement of Cost per Click | 180fusion

With the advent of social media in full swing, more advertisers are taking to social media platforms to increase campaign visibility. While social media has served to bolster advertising in a very tangible way, it has not been without its drawbacks. Facebook has made several changes over the past year as part of its growing effort to tailor its ad experience to both users and advertisers, the latest of which comes as a major relief to CPC campaigns.

Facebook’s new policy will effectively change how advertisers are charged for their click-based campaigns, charging them only for clicks to actual apps and websites and not “likes” or user comments. With this update, advertisers will be able to monitor their campaign success more thoroughly, separating engagement clicks (“likes”) from actual link clicks. By doing so, advertisers can spend their budget more efficiently and get the results they’re looking for from social media campaigns.

As Facebook reported on its blog, “Advertisers come to Facebook to drive business goals, like in-store traffic and website clicks, and they need to know how effective their ads are at driving their stated goal…This update is intended to help advertisers better understand how their ads perform.”

To read more about the update, visit Facebook’s blog here.


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