How to Achieve Success with Social Media Marketing | 180fusion

The social media has become a powerful tool for discovering and researching on brands that have hit the market by customers. It also affords a platform for marketers to be able to link up with potential customers. Over 90% of marketers reportedly make use of the new networks like Instagram, Vine as well as Pinterest. Google+ is also fast gaining currency and has become an integral part of people’s lives.

Below are the four must follow steps if you are to achieve success with social media marketing:

Have a Well Drawn Plan

To be a success story in business you must have a well charted plan. It is worth noting that most small time business lack a clear cut strategy as far as social media marketing is concerned. To be able to drive sales from social media, a well thought out digital plan must be in place. The different social networks are favored by different demographics. It is therefore imperative for each business to be able to know which social network to use vis-à-vis their target customers.

Here is an overview of the demographic difference of different social networks:

• Facebook is the number one on social network with over 67% users online using it. Females lead with 60% users on Facebook.

• Twitter users are mainly females who are above 28 years old

• Instagram has gained popularity with users between the ages of 1- to 29

• Pinterest is very popular among women who account to 80% of the users. It has gained currency among the educated and high income women earners.

The above facts will enable you to make an informed decision when selecting which social network to employ when targeting customers for certain products.

Content is King

Content that is of high quality is sure enough to engage audiences in the different social networks and in return elicit interest in a particular brand. Content is also the harbinger when it comes to SEO. This is what defines good content: Informative, can be shared, one can take action and of course it must be relevant to your potential customers. If your content lack the aforementioned then you are in big trouble.

Use Images

If you want to thrive in social media marketing you must employ the use of images. Research has demonstrated that over 70% of Facebook activities orbit around pictures. Photos generate over 120% shares on Facebook which shows clearly the worth of photos. Social media is now more inclined towards videos and images with good examples being Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest as well as Vine.
Marketers should make use of images to also increase the visibility of the brand as it takes more space thus minimizing chances that it may be missed. People also tend to remember a product if it is accompanied by a sizzling image.

Be responsive to your Customers

It is always important to respond to fans and customers when they post comments on a business social site. Automated responses should be avoided where unnecessary as most people may deem such feedback as rather uncaring. The human touch is what people appreciate most.
Businesses that make use social media marketing are driven by the urge to increase their sales. It is therefore important to use the plethora of social networks effectively to be able achieve more sales. The above pointers will guide you to achieve just that.