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Five Most Effective Ways to Engage Potential Customers Through Facebook

The 21st century has experienced rapid development in internet technology. With this development, there has been a rise in the use of different social networking sites. One of the major social media used in the modern days is Facebook. Currently, it is estimated that Facebook has more than 900 million unique visitors every month. This makes it the king of the social media sites. Thus, it is a great tool that a business can use to gain more customers. Here are five ways to engage potential customers through Facebook.

Provide great content instead of advertising blatantly

For your Facebook page to be efficient in promoting your business, you need to focus on offering useful, valuable and entertaining content. This can be in the form of links to blog posts, images, interactive infographics, memes and others. It is not a hard thing to do this, you just need to ask yourself what your visitors and then try to help them get that need. Do not just focus on advertising your products because many potential customers will lose interest in your business if they find that your intention is to just sell your service or product to them.

Post engaging information consistently

It is good to note that developing an engagement on your Facebook page is not a sprint, but is a continuous process. When it comes to customer engagement on your Facebook page, there is no end to this process. Facebook posts are temporary things and within a just short time, they get outdated because of other new posts. This means they no longer appear on the newsfeed. Therefore, you need post frequently, be timely and post relevant posts.

Create content that can be shared 

The end objective of your Facebook engagement campaign is not for you to reach your clients with unique content. The main objective is for your customers to share the content among each other making it have more exposure. This makes your posts go viral which is a great step towards meeting your internet marketing goals.

Ensure you respond to your customers comments 

Responding to both positive and negative comments from customers is an effective way to keep your customer interaction alive. When potential customers come to you with some problems, it is your responsibility to solve the problem and try as much as you can to retain customers with complaints. Creating a conversation and responding to comments is a good way to develop a strong customer relationship. This will lead to valuable product feedback. Your interactions must always be appropriate and respectful.

Host awesome giveaways and contests 

Most people are willing to put efforts in order to get free stuff. You can use this for your business advantage and offer sweepstakes and contests through your Facebook page. The easiest way to do this is to give a prize, and have the entry requirement be just a like or a share of your post. You can also make your potential customers more involved by posting an image and holding a caption contest. It is also advisable to ask for the best experiences from other customers who have used your service or product before.

By using the above ways you will not only gain more Facebook followers, but your business will get more exposure. This will make potential customers become real customers, leading to more sales and business growth.


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