Facebook Update: Detailed Targeting Ads | 180fusion

Late last week, Facebook Ads very quietly rolled out a long-awaited change to their Ads Targeting system that dramatically improves the ability advertisers have to narrow ad targeting down to very specific audiences.

The update, called “Detailed Targeting,” adds more filtering fields to Facebook ads interface, giving advertisers the ability to use as many filters as they’d like to either ADD or EXCLUDE additional Interest/Demographic/Behavior characteristics to each audience being targeted.

Advertisers now have the ability to either select the “Expand Audience” option (the “OR” logic function, which until now has been the only option for Interest targeting) or the “Narrow Audience” option (the “AND” logic function) in order to make audiences more specific and better targeted:


The most important improvement is how the new logic engine allows advertisers to target users based on MULTIPLE “Interests” for the first time. This update will allow more relevant ads to be served to the most specific audiences possible, and should thus improve the user ads experience AND advertiser ad performance considerably.

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