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Facebook Makes Lead Ads Format Available to All

Facebook announced this week that the Lead Ads format they’ve been testing since July is now open to all of its users, making communication between businesses and their target audiences easier than ever.

The Lead Ad format integrates a lead signup form directly INTO the Facebook Newsfeed Ads. Once ads are clicked on, a customizable lead form pops up, already pre-populated, with the user’s Facebook contact information (which can be edited by each user for added privacy), allowing users to sign up for your email list, free consultation, etc., WITHOUT ever having to visit an advertiser’s landing pages.


Over the years there have been some 3rd party tools that have mimicked this functionality; however, none have stood the test of time due to changing technology, despite the fact that they delivered great results. Now, having this functionality integrated directly into the ad units themselves should provide a seamless user experience and much better returns than any of these 3rd part tools or existing traditional “click to website” ads. Some initial tests are reporting a 4X reduction in Cost Per Lead versus previous paid social advertising efforts, as seen in early testing with Land Rover.

Stuart Weitzman also tested the new Lead Ad format in order to find users who were interested in promotional offers and product updates, adding, “We offer our email subscribers access to exclusive updates and an inside look into the world of Stuart Weitzman. Email marketing is a valuable tool to expand our visual storytelling and drive sales. As compared to other acquisition efforts, lead ads yielded a 52% more efficient cost per lead across domestic and international markets.” -Susan Duffy, Chief Marketing Officer, Stuart Weitzman
1112For more information on the new Facebook update, read the full announcement here. And as always, 180fusion will keep you updated on you need to know to make the most of this new development in your Facebook advertising.

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Mike Rosa

Mike Rosa

Mike Rosa is Director of Internet Marketing at 180fusion, and oversees SEO, Local Search Marketing, PPC, Facebook Marketing, and Social Media campaigns for nearly 1,000 different businesses. With 6 years of industry experience to back him up, and an excellent leadership track record, Mike is responsible for crafting new client solution strategies to support ROI growth for all of our SMB and Enterprise clients. Mike is expressly concerned with helping augment ROI on business owners’ digital marketing investments, and create what he calls “shared wins.”

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