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3 Things Facebook Can Do For Your Business in 2014

While many businesses use Facebook as part of their marketing strategies, other companies still do not recognize the value of the social media network. They may feel that it is designed for personal interactions or a place where people go to check up on friends or old classmates or even just to play games. While Facebook does provide all of that, it also offers a valid and valuable way to introduce your brand to people and help your business to grow. Here are three ways it can enhance your marketing strategy.

Grow Your Customer Base

All it takes is one person to like your page and you can watch your business expand. Facebook users are well-known for their interest in liking pages and sharing them with friends. What is a better recommendation than one from a friend? A customer that advocates for your products or services will have a bigger impact than anything you can say.

Another benefit of using Facebook is that you will interact with people you might not reach any other way in your marketing efforts. While you may focus on one demographic group, you can reach many groups on Facebook through your efforts and through the contacts of your followers.

Publicize Your Specials

Everyone likes a good bargain, and people like to feel special. One way to encourage people to convert from fans to customers is to offer specials only for your followers on Facebook. They will feel like an elite group who are getting a special deal that not everyone knows about. In addition, they will share it with their friends to let them in on “the secret.”

You can also pub

licize your regular specials and sales on Facebook for those who are too busy to see them elsewhere. Make the posts interesting and captivating and your followers will share with their friends. This helps to ensure that your special events are well attended and your deals are utilized.

Increase Customer Loyalty

It takes more effort to market a new product or service to a new customer than to a current one. Current customers also tend to spend more than new customers. That is why it is necessary to cultivate customer loyalty, and Facebook is a wonderful method to do just that.

People like to feel they are important, and one way to accomplish this with your customers is to ask for their feedback. While you can create surveys, an informal way to get feedback is to post something like “We love our customer service people, how about you?” and see what people have to say. There is a sense of anonymity with social media that allows people to reveal their true feelings.

You can also make your Facebook page a two-way conversation where you post interesting content that gets comments and then you respond to those comments. You can even take out time to like something one of your followers posts to show that you pay attention.

Create contests that you run on your social media site. Make them engaging and you will receive a lot of response. This keeps people interested in your site and keeps you on their minds when they need your services or products.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Facebook is just for individuals. It has numerous benefits for the business that is savvy enough to take advantage of social media.

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