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The Top Trends to Expect from Marketing in This Year

top marketing trends in 2017

Regardless of the year, marketing strategies will always revolve around customer outreach. New technologies will forever change the ways in which we communicate. Yet the need to be in contact and communicate with consumers will never change.  For 2017, while possibilities still abound, there are a handful of emerging trends that are proving their influence on the marketing industry.

Here are the top 8 trends changing the marketing force this year:


Greater Emphasis on Customer Service

Customer experience has always been at the core of every industry’s marketing focus. As technology and innovation bring consumers closer to the distributor, however, customer-centric initiatives will become more commonplace. In fact, this year more businesses are extending customer connection efforts beyond the domain of their sales and marketing teams.


Increased Use of Analytics

Every industry has been making a point to measure their marketing efforts lately. Facebook recently revamped their analytics tool to garner a better understanding of the overview, likes, views and reactions to posts of its users. In fact, by the end of last year, the social media giant was paying for sensitive information about its user to gather a stronger understanding of their profile. Now they’re collecting data that draws on a person’s income, political preferences, the types of shops they go to and even the number of credit cards they have in their wallets. As the year continues, businesses can expect an emphasis on the need to measure analytics to raise profits and revenue, while also increasing customer retention and fulfillment.


Higher Demand for Data Scientists

For the previous trends to work, companies are gearing up for more data-informed teams. As companies work to connect with their consumers on email and social media they’re also focusing their attention on the technology needed to back their efforts. Businesses can expect to see an increase in the need for positions specializing in technology marketing to keep up with emerging trends.


Everything Will Be Getting a Touch of Personalization

Last year, customization became top of mind for brands looking to reel in customers with new priorities. This year, that emphasis on customization is transforming into a demand for personalization. From Coca-Cola to Nike, practically every business is using marketing to target individuals as opposed to niche groups as a differentiating tool. As such, marketing teams across practically every industry can be expected to dabble in working to satisfy customers and their specific needs.


Higher Quality Video Content

Content is still the ruler of the marketing sphere, but the type of content that reigns is changing. Today’s consumers’ favorite cool kid has dethroned social media, blogs, and reviews: video. With last year’s success of augmented reality games like Pokémon, brands ought to start considering the ways in which video plus virtual reality can lead them into the future. Mostly because brands who fail to incorporate video into their marketing strategy can expect to be left behind in the dust.  From a Search Engine Optimization perspective, Google loves to see more time on a page and higher conversion rates.  Video covers both of these and get some serious legs with social media amplification if done correctly.


New Social Media Marketing Tactics

Of course, this one shouldn’t be so surprising. Social media has long been serving as a vast platform of marketing as opposed to a single strategy. Like television, it has been working as a stage for brands and corporations to try out new forms of advertisement and push content. Thus, today’s marketing teams must think about the ways in which they can use social to promote new forms of content. Their first step should be considering how they might make their posts more personalized for consumers and use social as a front line for customer service outreach.


Getting Onboard with Chatbots and AI

Providing an innovative, attractive, and positive customer experience requires companies to leverage the power the latest technological breakthroughs. This year various brands are hoping to up their game and become the frontrunners of their industry by using the new players of tech: chattiest and AI. Businesses who work to incorporate both into their marketing strategy should consider the ways in which deep learning features can be used to better understand consumer behavior.




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Mike Symonds

Mike Symonds

Mike Symonds brings over 12 years of digital marketing experience to the table, with practical, frontline experience growing small business to enterprise clients.  As a lead solutions architect with 180fusion, Mike works with CMOs and entrepreneurs crafting custom strategies to align with their business visions and succeed online.

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