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The Number One Secret To Marketing Through Your Personal Brand

Brand Strategy

In an increasingly crowded market, you need to use every tool at your disposal to stay ahead of the competition. With new technology like voice search in digital marketing set to change the world, companies are increasingly scrambling to find areas where they can improve.

What many companies have discovered is that their personal branding isn’t up to scratch. Through using personal branding and bringing it to the level of your geo-targeted PPC and SEO campaigns, you can attract a whole new generation of customers. Remember that 84% of business comes from a referral.

The number one secret is that simple. You have to focus on your personal brand. It may not be ground-breaking information, but it could be game changing for your company. So here are some of the secret ingredients to a successful branding strategy.

Extracting Your Personal Brand

 The way to highlight your personal brand is to make sure that you are 100% behind what you are trying to sell. Your personal brand is always going to be associated with what your company actually does. This brand should be fully behind what you are trying to accomplish in your niche.

In many ways, personal branding is just like company branding. You need to have a plan and a strategy for promoting it. Your personal brand has to come with some sort of unique selling point.

But what is your unique selling point? For a business, it’s relatively easy to find that out for yourself. But for your personal brand it’s not as easy to understand.

Finding Out Your Unique Selling Point

You’ll be surprised at how similar this process is to coming up with a personal business plan. Like with any company, you need to know three key things.

The three key points are: Your target audience. The problem you are trying to solve. How are you going to stand out from everything else currently on the market?

To make this easy, we’re going to assume that you are a person running a lemonade stand. You have a long history of running lemonade stands in your youth, and now you want to work for a large lemonade stand company.

Here the target audience is pretty clear. You are trying to appeal to lemonade stand experts. The problem is also obvious, in this situation. You are trying to ensure that customers get a better experience through quenching their thirst. Stop right there, though, because you are also solving corporate problems, such as a lack of sales and a lack of creativity.

Your story matters, though, and this is what is going to make you stand out from the crowd.

In the case of this example, you may be young but you have been running lemonade stands since you were young. Your unique selling point is that you have a wealth of experience, even though you are incredibly young. And that means you have a lot of room to grow, which should appeal to your target audience.

How to Pack It Together

 A personal brand is content that will guide your company, at its heart. You need to take all this newfound information about your personal brand and pack it together. This is one of the hardest parts because how you present that information will determine whether you become a success or a failure.

You need to present it in such a way that gets people interested. This is where the creative part of marketing comes into effect. You’re not going to learn about what works from this guide, but you are going to learn about some of the guiding principles involved.

Right now all the fuss is about video marketing. With the mobile revolution in full swing, keep in mind that people aren’t going to have time to read a long essay on you. They want to consume information fast, and the fastest way to do that is through the power of video.

Tell the story of your personal brand. This is not like a list of product features. Tell people why they should care about you.

Conclusion – Like Anything…

 Like anything, successful skilled entrepreneurs need to test it. Your personal brand is no exception. The chances are you won’t get it right the first time. You need to go out of your way to conduct regular testing to ensure that you have the best possible combination.

Your personal brand is a key tool for making your business into a success, so don’t waste it.

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Brannon M. Brooks

Brannon M. Brooks

Brannon Brooks brings a considerable amount of background knowledge & a passion in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Internet Marketing, and Social Media. He comes to 180fusion with 5 years in the online marketing industry. Currently, he oversees & structures SEO and marketing strategies for a handful of clients; ranging from National SEO, Local Search, & e-commerce businesses. Prior to 180fusion, Brannon Brooks has worked as an SEO Analyst overseeing enterprise accounts in a vast majority of industries. His favorite SEO quote & rule of thumb is “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

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