5 SEO Trends Dominating 2017

SEO Trends in 2017

Search engine optimization or SEO is a game whose rules are all amount the importance of competing and beating out your opponents. A key strategy in your efforts to crush and dominate your competition lies in your ability to be aware of the ever-changing nature of search engines. You have to learn how to adjust and improve your SEO and content strategy well before you before any competitors find an opportunity to catch up with you.


2017 has already proven to have quite a bit in store for those playing the SEO game, here are the following trends to keep your eye on out on the playing field.


The Rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages

 Accelerated Mobile Pages also known as AMPS  are an open-source convention that gives designers an opportunity to create pages that load almost instantaneously on mobile devices. The concept behind AMPS stems from the notion that a small group of simple changes to the format of your site can help it load up to four times faster and eat up eight times less data than before. The strategy has already become so popular that Google has started to favor those that have switched over to AMPs. The search engine is rewarding them with visibility in a carousel and a small lightning bolt icon that indicate their AMP status for users. There’s no doubt, this year we can anticipate more favoritism for AMPs in search results. Be sure your brand is part of the past pool taking advantage of the option.


“Dense” Content Becomes Necessity

 Users can find the same old fluff content written in different words on practically every single other site and they’re sick of it. In the days of early content marketing,  advertisers focused their efforts on producing and turning out as much snackable content as possible. In just the past few years, however, there’s been a surge in long form pieces of content that give a comprehensive overlook of a topic. As the market becomes inundated with both types of content, the latest forecast in content trends indicates users might start overlooking length entirely. As such, marketers would be wise to focus on providing users as much information in the smallest package as possible (ergo dense content) to appeal to readers.


Machine Learning Will Have An Effect On How the Algorithm Functions

 When Google RankBrain made its debut last year it opened quite a few doors of possibility when it came to algorithmic machine learning. Soon after the extension, Google Hummingbird emerged as a way of gradually understanding the ways in which users phrase conversational queries and help Google update its algorithm accordingly. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen another update roll out meaning we’re quite overdue for a new one. As such, users can expect Google’s next updates to continue to dapple in machine learning in areas such as data interpretation and marketing automation.


Personal Branding Will Become The Ultimate SEO Weapon

 Personal branding offers quite a bit of potential for those who use it for SEO, especially this year. With a personal brand, site owners will have a much less challenging experience attempting to secure guest posts, build user trust, and driving more traffic to their website. Surprisingly, few brands have used this to their advantage as they build on their SEO tactics. However, as social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook continue to have an affect on algorithm changes and favor posts of individuals over posts those that are branded, there’s no doubt more companies and organizations will have to find ways to take advantage of personal branding. No doubt, this will lead to more competition for brand advocates, so business brands should start acting fast on this trend.


Use Experience Optimization or UEO Becomes One With SEO

 User experience has always been a vital element of SEO; this year it’s likely to have even more of influence as the differences between the two become blurred. Mostly this is to be expected because of Google’s favoritism for sites that are properly optimized for mobile devices. Sites that load quickly and deliver numbers that prove users are enjoying their experience the most will be rewarded. This emphasis on UEO has already been indicated by the rise of the aforementioned AMPs.


Whether you are a Silicon Valley Startup, Law Firm or an E-Commerce Company needing SEO, these are strategies to pay attention to and deploy.  Feel free to contact our marketing Gurus for the latest in best practices and where we can assist in amplifying your brand.

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