4 Tips For Upping Your Digital Marketing Game In No Time | 180fusion

Digital marketing is something most of us know is capable of producing a pretty incredible ROI, but we don’t always understand the intricacies of how to get there. After all, digital marketing takes a little bit of tech savvy and a lot of being able to remain consistent, and both of those things can be a struggle for some people. However, that’s why I’ve provided a few helpful tips on how you can improve your digital marketing strategy without much effort. Here’s how:

Start With Social

As one of the most important digital marketing tools we have, social media is clutch when it comes to interacting with your audience as well as getting them to share key insights with you. Considering the name of the game with social is engagement, this is a primary medium for you to learn. However, a big part of that also is learning where your social media audience is, as well as how you can reach them.

To begin, take a look at where your current social efforts have been successful and why those mediums make sense. As noted by CoSchedule, 88 percent of businesses are currently using social media, which goes to show what a massive platform this is. Furthermore, according to SmartInsights, over 400 million people (and more every day) are currently using Instagram, making it one of the fastest growing platforms on the web and one your company should be using. Take a glance at how your social efforts can be improved by learning your specific audience, as this is going to be one way that you can boost traffic tremendously.

SEO Is A Must

Another great digital marketing technique is SEO, which is one of the best points of discovery for a lot of your potential customers. In, fact according to Junto Digital, 93 percent of online experiences begin with search, which goes to show the massive audience that could be captured with the right SEO tools. And if your business has been lagging in developing search terms, then know that implementing some SEO strategies can be crucial to driving traffic.

To begin, see how your current SEO strategy is performing, as well as how it can be improved. A big thing with SEO is looking at where search terms are used to see if your business could own a local keyword space; for example, if I was the only coffee shop in Athens, Georgia that served breakfast, then “breakfast+coffee+athens” would be a great search term for my business. Finding pieces like this will not only give you a better chance of attracting more business but potentially more visibility from organic search as well.

Email Marketing Still Works Wonders

Although a lot of us dread spam emails, they provide purpose and value for digital marketers. As noted by Constant Contact, for every dollar spent on email, an average return of $38 is seen, which can be quite a significant amount when you consider how many spammy emails you get in a day. If you’ve been neglecting email, this is one strategy you might want to reconsider.

To begin, create a calendar of when you’re trying to send email blasts, as well as what the content will be. No matter if it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or even daily, the goal should be to keep your audience well-informed on what’s happening with your company and the industry. Remember that people read emails, and as such, they’re going to check yours, so make sure it’s something that serves a purpose in their inbox rather than just trying to get your name out there.

Don’t Forget About Content

Finally, as they say, “content is king.” It’s imperative that you start thinking about what that means for your business, as well as how you can produce more content. According to Business2Community, 82 percent of customers say that they have a more positive image of businesses after reviewing their content. And if this something that you’ve been struggling to create, then find a solid method is important.

Start out by creating a calendar of the type of posts you can make, as well as how long they’ll take you. Another important factor here is the amount of time each will take, which can be a challenge in itself if you’re not careful. The goal is to have something that you can solidly work on long-term, helping your business grow tremendously from its content.

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