4 Things That Should Always Be In Your Digital Marketing Mix | 180fusion

Digital marketing can be one of the most effective advertising mediums, but only if you know how to play your cards right. Although it’s free to post, the cost of hiring someone to help out with these aspects can seem ineffective if you don’t know how to budget effectively. That’s why I’ve suggested a few helpful tips to get you started on your digital marketing mix. Check them out below:

Social Media

It goes without saying that as one of the top digital marketing mediums out right now, social media is something that is an ever growing and shifting medium. In fact, in Pew Research’s 2018 survey, 78 percent of people between 18 to 24 are on Snapchat, which is a far cry from the previous user base, especially in comparison to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, as social media is something that changes face rather than actual medium, it goes with saying that this an industry that’s constantly shifting, and one you need to be mindful of in your marketing mix.

While some of it will be intuitive, finding out your demographic will take some constant work. For example, according to HootSuite, as 83 percent of Americans have a social media account, there are quite a bit of people out there your business could reach. However, the biggest things you’re after is seeing where your competitors are and how you can be useful to your audience. A big thing with social is engagement, or how your audience reacts to your post, which should be a primary focus moving forward. All-in-all, as social is something that could make a big difference in your marketing mix, take the time to study where your audience is at, as well as how you capitalize on future success.

Email Marketing

Another important aspect of your digital marketing mix is email marketing, which a lot of people tend to overlook. While some of us hate getting spam emails, it’s also something that can be an effective form of advertising. In fact, as noted by Constant Contact, for every dollar spent on advertising, $38 is seen in return, which is a pretty staggering figure considering the sheer impact that could make. However, with the right email marketing plan, this could potentially become a cinch.

With email marketing, try and set a schedule for what events you consider essential, including if you want to send out an update weekly, bi-weekly, or so on and so forth. Although it sounds tedious, setting a schedule and sticking to it can be crucial for your future success, as it helps people see what you’re up to and stick with it. Additionally, try to implement some solid calls-to-action, as that’s something others gravitate towards. Overall, while a practice many try their best to keep up with, email marketing can play a significant benefit moving forward, so see what you can execute consistently moving forward.


Although a classic digital marketing strategy, SEO is something that you should be mindful of on a regular basis. As noted by Search Engine Journal, with 93 percent of online experiences starting with search, this is one field that nearly everyone uses for discovery. And if your business hasn’t been on top of their SEO strategy, this might be one thing that could help make a difference between you and your competition.

With SEO, the basic goal is to get what keywords make you the most prominent at the forefront. For example, if I’m the only coffee shop in town that serves breakfast, then my keywords would most likely be “coffee+breakfast (name of the town)” as that will probably yield the best results. Try seeing which search terms might be useful to your business (including possibly running A/B test), as your business could see some significant value.


Finally, as the content is one of the most underrated marketing tactics out, this strategy still, by far, reigns supreme. As noted by Hubspot, 53 percent of marketers say that content creation is their top priority, which most likely is true for your business as well. Why is that the case? Because as content not only helps with your SEO, it also provides legitimacy behind what you’re doing, which can be a crucial aspect of your businesses online presence. And as similar to your email marketing, try and figure out which content strategies might serve best for your business, including creating a schedule and arsenal of posts to thrive on. Overall, as content can be a great way to connect with your business, don’t sleep on this being a part of your mix.

What are you most excited about with your digital marketing? Comment with your answers below!