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Digital Fun: New Upgrades to Google Flights


Being a transplant in Los Angeles from New York, I consider myself to be pretty savvy when it comes to searching for deals on flights so I can afford to visit home as often as I can. There are approximately 7 million searches that you can use to find flights. It’s true. I counted. But one that I have been using a lot lately, has been Google Flights. It’s a nice simple layout and it doesn’t try to force you to book a hotel and do a car rental or take your first born and sell you travel insurance for your insurance, for your insurance, that you bought for your insurance.

Recently Google upped their game by starting to allow travelers to search for flights without even needing to enter a specific destination or date. This is the dream for anyone with wanderlust but a bad case of indecisiveness.

You give the most basic information for your preferences and Google will figure out the rest for you. Say you are feeling like going to a beach, somewhere in South America where there is good shopping and you want to go for one week. You can enter all of that in and it will do whimsical unicorn internet magic and give you the best options. I hope I’m not getting too technical with that terminology (I could make an infographic).

I’ll go ahead and lay it out using examples for how it would work for people based off of the preferences they enter.




Where: Tropical

Interests: Music, potent green plants wrapped in fruit flavored paper.

When: Whenever, yo.

Google Conclusion: Johnny Depp’s private island for a weekend.




Khaleesi from Game of Thrones


Where: Somewhere warm, I hear winter is coming.

Interests: Being queen, hanging out with my dragons, staring at my beautiful blonde hair.

When: Preferably before anyone else tries to kill me.

Google Conclusion: Atop the Iron Throne for eternity… at least that’s what we think it said. Her dragons lit the computer on fire.


Taylor Swift


Where: Anywhere I can wear adorable vintage polka dot bathing suits with my super model friends.

Interests: Cats, baking cookies, taking over the world one gloriously catchy pop song at a time.

When: In between massive sold out tours.

Google Conclusion: You’re Taylor Swift, just take your private jet wherever you want, whenever you want.



Okay so maybe you can’t get that specific, but you get the picture. If you know a general time frame and some minor details of what type of experience you’re looking for; boom! Google will do the rest for you and find the best deals. Now I’m going to go plan my next trip and listen to some T-Swift.

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