The Best SEO Memes of 2015 | 180fusion

Everyone has seen memes plaster the internet for the past few years, using popular pictures and a clever little piece of text to crack some jokes. Whether it is a picture of Drake doing Hotline Bling dance moves, or a picture of a random, strange looking child with a Taylor Swift lyric posted over it, or a poorly made meme that makes no sense packed full of grammatical errors (because we’re all doomed); memes have taken over. Memes are huge at Google, as they have an internal meme generator for all of the inside jokes that Google employees have with each other. So let’s take a look at some of our favorites from 2015 in the digital marketing world.


Adele Meme

Okay, let’s get real. Adele is a magical goddess with the voice that we all wish / think we have when we are drunk-singing in the back of an Uber. She lays down totally valuable original lyricism that leverages break ups with dummies from the past to boost record sales, pulling at your heartstrings through engaging content. Much like your SEO campaign, right?


Anchorman Meme

As Google continues to improve on user experience, any business looking to rank for relevant search phrases will need to have a supportive content strategy. That means you’ll need onsite blogs, offsite content in the form of infographics, videos, articles and a million other awesome things. So load up that content or Ron Burgundy will have Brick attack you with his trident. I mean, I assume that’s what will happen. You stay classy, internet.


ryan gosling google meme

Google Penguin penalizes sites that are actively trying to manipulate the algorithm to appear higher in the search results. Several sites with over-optimized anchor text linking back (all saying “Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous”) have and will be penalized in the future update. Google has verified that there is a new penguin refresh coming in early 2016. So make sure you’re ready by preparing for it now. Or just stare into Ryan Gosling’s eyes for the rest of the day. Whatevs.


Not Impressed Meme

Moz and other SEOs have started talking about 10X content, meaning that your content needs to be that much better for real results and engagement online. A Good blog post these days should include anything from prima donna Olympic athletes doing weird amazing things with their face, to old school gangster rappers to achieve real results. Obviously…that brings us to Ice Cube.


ice cube meme

Straight Outta the SERPS, Ice Cube had a big year this year and the throwback SEO terminology here still rings true today. Google actually released a version of its search engine internally without backlinks and hated it. Backlinks or “votes” for your site and pages will definitely be here to stay in 2016 and beyond. So keep it real and get your outreach on. Or don’t, and fail and blame someone else if that makes you feel better about yourself. Ice Cube knows what you did.


ointb seo meme

PREACH sister. Girl may be cray cray on Orange is the New Black but she is bringing some truth in this one. The digital landscape is constantly growing and those who are not investing in SEO are only hurting themselves. But it’s totally cool if you if you are saying that you don’t need SEO. I mean, who likes earning money and being a profitable business anyway? The internet is getting bigger and bigger, might wanna check it out.


google meme

Hey, remember how The Fat Jew stole everyone’s jokes and then got multiple industry deals and undeserved paychecks for other people’s content? Do you also remember when it started to finally blow up in his lazy face when Comedy Central backed out of their deal with him and comedians started fighting back? Yeah, duplicate content sucks and so does Josh Ostrovsky. Be original and don’t produce duplicate material. Unless it contains a picture of Ryan Gosling. Wait…that reminds me…


ryan gosling seo meme

Ah yes Ryan, I feel the exact same way. If only I had access to YOUR webmaster tools…if you know what I mean. Ayooooo! Okay, I may be off track. SEOs have had an ongoing struggle getting all pages of a site indexed and rank worthy. There are a lot of intricate technical pieces to this puzzle. Most of which are way over my head, but not this deep V-neck t-shirt. I get that. I get that All. Day. Long.


star wars meme

Okay Yoda, slow your roll with your positivity, it’s a little early for that. But Jedi’s are back in style and so is your awkward phrasing. SEO bring money for you, much.


seo links meme

So you said links are good right? So we can just get links from India at 40 cents a piece that say my keyword, right? That’s good, right? WRONG. Link building needs to be done via outreach and ultimately having great useful stuff to share. Disavow campaigns are long, arduous and expensive; making you look like this hot mess over here with a sad, lonely, single tear. Just go grab a bottle of wine and play an Adele record while you think about your awful life choices.


tarantino meme

If we mention SEO ONE MORE TIME then Pulp Fiction Samuel Jackson will de-index all of our site for keyword stuffing. And the panda hates the stuffing. So get with the right squad to build your brand and if you need help with that, hit us up. We’ve got you covered for all of your digital marketing needs…and obviously an endless supply of kick ass memes. Win / win, yo.


Amy Maestri is an Executive Assistant with 180fusion based out of the Los Angeles office. She is also a writer, actress, and comedian who loves puppies, champagne, and watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movies on VHS.