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Organic Digital Marketing

Organic digital marketing, while not as attractive and seemingly lucrative as other marketing approaches, still makes up a critical part of the SEO sphere.

To market organically simply means that you use SEO best practices and consistent content marketing strategies to bring search traffic to your page—essentially doing everything you can without investing in paid search results.

It’s likely been pounded into your head a thousand times. But, let me pound it into your head a little more:

Content and Keywords Matter

While “keyword stuffing” will knock you out of the rankings, implementing useful keywords into a field of extensive, informative, and educational content bodes well for your rankings. Best practices recommend between 500-1000 words per page—while this seems excessive, it’s entirely possible to accomplish. However, in your pursuit of maximizing your word count, be wary of duplicating any content. Any duplicate content can affect your rankings. If you are having difficulty, try re-wording certain sentences, or using a thesaurus tool to find alternative words.

Link Building

You need to build links within your site, and external links that lead to your site. If you choose to build an external link portfolio, it’s important to avoid spamming other Organic marketing concepts and strategies for best practices SEOwebsites with your links. One of the most effective ways to build an external link portfolio is to circulate blogs, articles, videos, etc. on social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have high domain authority. By generating traffic from these sites, you are more likely to rise in the rankings, and see an increase in traffic to your site.

Be Proactive

Consider becoming an affiliate with larger, more recognized brands. Constantly update your website content, implement new pages, and search for opportunities to better your content. Constantly do what you can to increase your social media presence, and engage your followers with interesting content.

Organic marketing, while relatively straightforward, still requires a degree of understanding and thoroughness. Consider contacting 180fusion for recommendations, or our affordable SEO services.

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Shalyce “Sam” Mutchie

Shalyce “Sam” Mutchie

Sam has worked as an SEO content writer for 180fusion since July of 2015. In April of 2016, she completed a Bachelor’s Degree of English from the University of Utah at the age of 21. During her tenure at the University of Utah, she served on the English Student Advisory Committee, which represented the top 2% of student leadership potential, and is a proud member of the National English Honors Society. Her hard work ethic, ambition, and a little luck have carried her far, and she looks forward to a future with 180fusion.

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