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How to Add Your Profile in Wikipedia



You don’t matter.

This is a hard reality to take, but in the eyes of social media, the chances are you don’t warrant an entry in Wikipedia. You have to be notable and you have to have done something worthwhile in order to warrant a page of your own. If you have just started your new business, the chances are you aren’t yet ready for this type of content.

On the other hand, if you are further along in your business career you may be able to develop a Wikipedia page. The effect is huge as it will see you fly up the Google search index. And it’s more accurate than you think. Most studies agree that Wikipedia is at least as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Do I Matter?

First of all, this is the question you have to ask. Wikipedia inspects every page before it goes live. If you are not relevant enough, there’s little point in wasting your time on Wikipedia. Here are some of the criteria that may get you on Wikipedia.

  • You have created a new technology that has revolutionized your industry, or you have helped in the development of it.
  • The founder or company is notable. This is actually a test that Wikipedia performs. If your company isn’t relevant enough the founder may be.
  • Failing that, you may be able to suggest an alternative topic that gets a mention of your company in there. Spotting gaps in Wikipedia’s knowledge is a perfect way of getting on here if your company or founder isn’t famous enough.

Start with Research

Before you even think about creating any content for Wikipedia, keep in mind that it’s not like uploading a blog to WordPress. Learn about how the community works and what Wikipedia expects from anyone uploading new content or editing existing content. This will save you a lot of time later because it will reduce the chances of your new page being deleted.

Wikipedia provides plenty of help pages to assist you in this. Once you have done this, you can make an account and become a registered user. This will give you editing privileges.

Start on a Small Level

What many people discover is that building a Wikipedia page isn’t as easy as they think. It comes with its own content management system that takes some effort to get used to. Rather than simply uploading your page, you should try to make small edits to existing subjects you know about.

Why would you want to do this?

Not only will you learn about the platform but you’ll also gain access to restricted functions in time, such as uploading images and moving pages into a public space.

If this sounds like too much work, you can also employ a third-party company to help setup your Wikipedia page. Any good company should also have an account with these privileges so you can go live within a matter of days.

The Right Sources

Whether you are using a third-party company or doing the whole thing yourself, you need to make sure that you have sources for everything you say. The entire platform runs off of credible links that people can follow and check.

One of the main reasons pages are rejected is because they don’t contain enough relevant links to back up what’s being said. Think of it in the same way as a college paper. Everything must have a source. This can come in the form of printed material, but it can also be content from a reputable website, which isn’t your own.

How to Write Great Wikipedia Copy?

This is where bringing in an expert really pays off. Your tone must be factual and unbiased. This isn’t the chance for you to promote yourself or your product. Examine other pages and adopt the same tone for your page. Wikipedia attempts to unify its tone across the brand.

You will also have to get to grips with Wikipedia’s formatting code. Again, this is where employing someone with a firm knowledge of social media really comes in handy.

How Long Does a Review Take?

Even if your account has restricted privileges to immediately thrust a new page into the public domain, a human editor will still get around to it sooner or later. It can take as little as a couple of days to as long as two weeks for a page to be reviewed, depending on a variety of factors outside of your control.

Be aware that Wikipedia pages are edited by editors before they go live all the time. It’s worth going back to check the page regularly to ensure that no one has added anything that is simply untrue.

How will you get your Wikipedia page up and running today?

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