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Custom Content Do’s and Don’ts


According to a new study about customers and content conducted by GfK Roper Public Affairs & Corporate Communications, 61% of consumers have more confidence in a company that provides custom content. They say it helps in their purchase decisions. If customized content has that big of an impact, it is important to know how to utilize it. Here are some do’s and don’ts for creating your own custom content.

Do know what kind of content works for your intended audience.

You may need to do some research to figure out how your potential customers receive their information. Do they prefer online videos about a product or service? Do they look for blogs on the topic? Does direct mail get their attention? When creating content that is customized for your client, you need to know what works.

Different types of content may work for the different phases a client is in. For example, if they are doing research about a product, they may want videos, podcasts, or articles to provide information. If they are in the purchasing phase, they may be looking for a pricing guide, research reports, or testimonials.

Don’t create a one-purpose-fits-all type of content.

You also must know where you will be marketing to know which kind of content works best. For instance, case study on Facebook would most likely be ignored, but a video would catch people’s attention. This doesn’t mean you have to create unique pieces for every medium you use; you just need to know how to utilize it. While the case study might not capture interest on social media, a catch-phrase or impressive statistic from that paper just might.

Do know who your customer is.

Creating customized content also means designing it for the customer. You want to know their demographics, buying habits, and other information that will help you market to them. You also need to know if you are creating the content for a brand new customer who may not know your company or a current customer you are introducing to a new product. How you develop your content as well as what language you use will depend on who you are targeting.

Don’t forget to measure.

The purpose of any marketing effort is to convert potential customers into new customers, and it is essential to measure the effectiveness of your content. Some types will be easier to measure than others, but it is important that you track everything to know where to focus your efforts. While not all content will lead directly to a sale, it should cause the customer to take some type of action. This may include signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free paper or ebook, or making a purchase. You need to know how effective your content is at achieving each of those results.

By focusing on who your customer is and what type of content appeals to them and then measuring the results, you can develop custom content that assists you in reaching your audience and achieving your company’s goals.

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