Content Creation Plan; 6 Mistakes You're Making | 180fusion

Do you have a content creation plan? Are you under the impression that you can do without? Have you come to find that you need to make some immediate changes in the near future?

No matter what you have done in the past, there is a good chance that your content creation plan could call for some changes in the future.

Let’s put it this way: if you’re making any mistakes with your current plan, you don’t want to wait around and hope for the best. You need to take immediate action, as this will go a long way in helping you regain control of this part of your business.

So, with all this in mind, let’s examine six mistakes you could be making.

  1. Lack of Organization

Organization is key, as this will ensure that you always know what you should and shouldn’t be doing. It will also help to keep your entire team on the same page at all times.

It’s not always easy to remain organized, especially with so many other things on your plate, but you need to do so. This is often the difference between success and failure.

  1. Overlapping Content Among Writers

Do you have more than one writer on your team? Are you assigning topics or letting your writers take the lead?

It doesn’t matter what approach you take, as long as you have a system in place for avoiding a situation in which two writers (or more) write about the same topic.

Your writers are spending a good amount of time creating high quality content. At the same rate, you’re probably spending quite a bit of money on content every month. You want to get the most bang for your buck, which means doing whatever it takes to ensure that every writer is taking on unique topics.

  1. Forgetting to Update Your Content Calendar

There are many editorial calendar tools to choose from, all of which have something unique to offer.

But remember this: if you don’t update the calendar often, you’ll never make the progress you’re hoping for.

You need to become familiar with your calendar to the point that you always know when it needs updating. From there, the only thing left is to actually make the changes when necessary.

  1. Lack of Outlines

There are many steps to writing a killer blog post, but it all starts with creating an outline.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing the post yourself or requesting another writer to take the lead, a comprehensive outline can go a long way in making life easier.

Get into the habit of creating an outline for every blog post. You’ll soon find that this saves you time, while also keeping you on track from start to finish.

  1. Trying to do it All Yourself

You have a lot on your plate, so trying to tackle every aspect of content creation on your own is not always the best idea.

Why not bring at least one other writer into the fold? By taking this simple step, you can clear some work from your plate. Furthermore, hiring a qualified writer can do wonders for the type of content you’re pushing.

  1. Same Topics, Over and Over

The last thing you want to do is cover the same topics, over and over again. This is a sure fire way to chase away your audience.

There are many steps you can take to diversify your content strategy, such as keeping track of what you have covered in the past.

If you find yourself touching on the same topic too often, you need to adjust your approach.


These are just a few of the many mistakes you may be making with your content creation plan.

If you realize that one or more of these is holding you back, now’s the time to consider a change.

How do you feel about your current content creation plan? Are you comfortable with making changes? Have you come to realize that a few adjustments here and there could do wonders for your content marketing plan? Share your personal approach to content creation in the comment section below. You may be able to help other business owners and marketers create a better plan.