5 Tips For Keeping Your Content Consistent | 180fusion

We all can get writer’s block sometimes. Whether it’s because you’re not on your A-game or feel as though you can’t come up with fresh ideas, this can be quite the frustrating challenge. As content marketing is such an important tool for businesses to stay relevant online, pushing through to keep producing content consistently might require more inspiration or innovation than you feel like you have each day. Here are a few ways to keep generating high-quality content when you feel stuck:

Always Remember The Mission Of Your Brand

Perhaps one of the first keys to keeping your blog content consistent is by letting your brand take the lead. Your brand is the main reason that people follow you. In fact, as noted by Zimmer Communications, 64 percent of consumers say that the reason they do business with a brand is that they have shared values, which should be reflective in your blog content as well. However, speaking consistently from your brand can be a tough challenge, as coming up with fresh and original content regularly requires some mental exercise.

A smart idea would be to jot down some of your brand principles as well as what you can stem from it. For example, if “revolutionary” is an attitude you’re after, then make “change” a topic title of focus. Try to formulate a calendar of the types of posts that you’re looking to establish, giving a broad scope in variation to the topics. Your articles should be something you feel inspired to write, so always make that the primary goal of everything you put out.

Learn How To Tell A Story On Different Platforms

One aspect of getting people to visit your content is by selling it in compelling ways through a variety of mediums. Of course, this comes with a little bit of knowledge on which platforms your audience uses as well as how you can grab their attention. According to Pew Internet, 71 percent of people aged 18 to 24 are on Instagram, and if you’re able to bring them in with Instagram Stories versus posts, you could add a call-to-action, like swiping up for more information. The goal should be for social and blog content to compliment each other as a full audience experience.

Create A Schedule

As we mentioned above, creating a schedule for your posts will not only help you with having a variation of topics but consistency as well. In fact, as noted by BPlans, planning is proven to help increase productivity by 30 percent, which can make a world of difference when trying to push content. Try to make your schedule something that you feel will give you the capacity to produce quality as much as you’re staying consistent with quantity. The more you’re able to find this balance, the better of you’ll be in making content that invigorates you and your audience.

Get Engaged With Your Audience

A commonly overlooked practice in content is how much you engage with your audience, which will help you both gain more awareness as well as feedback on how you can improve. Plus, this is a medium where a lot of businesses fall behind because as noted by Sprout Social, 89 percent of social messages to a brand go ignored, which can be a great hub to attracting more users to your content. However, this is more than just writing “good point!” or “I appreciate it!” to your audience, but rather genuinely striking up a conversation, which starts with what you’re writing.

When formulating your content, make it a habit to jot down some points of conversation per each post. Try leading with these when doing follow-up social posts, for example, asking people what their thoughts are or if they have any similar stories. From there, it’s all about going back and forth with your audience in a genuine way, building a dialogue. Be mindful of feedback here, as it can help significantly in driving the conversation ahead further.

Update Old Pieces

Finally, one great practice that a lot of content marketers take on is recycling old pieces. As noted by SnapApp, 55 percent of bloggers don’t do this, which is why they’re missing out on that boost in SEO, as well as a social presence. Go back and cycle through some old topics you could update, focusing in on possibly updating stats or giving a rebuttal. Believe it or not, most companies recycle much more often than you might imagine, so don’t be afraid to follow suit.

What are some strategies you’ve used to keep your content consistent? Comment with your answers below!