5 Tips For Getting Your Contributed Content Published

Contributed content is a great way to market your brand. Getting your name on someone else’s site can expose you to a whole new audience. There’s no better way to get your name out into the open. But catching the attention of the editor is easier said than done. They’ll receive hundreds of requests every month. If you can’t stand out you don’t stand a chance of getting your content published.

This guide is going to show you how you can generate leads by getting your contributed content published.

Provide All the Details Requested

Content ContributionA lot of websites will have clear guidelines for anyone who wants to send contributed content to them. Most websites will have different guidelines because they have completely different audiences. Failing to give them all the information they want is essentially giving up before you even get started.

Most editors will have a policy where if the contributed content provider didn’t follow the guidelines they’ll instantly discount your application.

Also, you need to make sure you don’t make the branding mistake of claiming to be a leader in your field. Unless you have an award to back it up, don’t proclaim yourself as the best in the business. Just provide everything that’s requested and keep the self-promotion to a minimum.

Be Detailed Not Vague

The majority of publications will ask you to talk about your areas of expertise. Be focused about who you are and the topic you’ll be writing about. Vagueness will only confuse the editor, and they’re not going to hang around to find out. You’ll kill your chances of creating more brand awareness if you can’t be direct about your expertise in the business.

You need to narrow down your areas of expertise. Saying that you’re an entrepreneur contributor is far too vague and won’t get you very far. You need to drill down into the areas of entrepreneurship you’re an expert in. For example, are you an expert in getting funding for entrepreneurs who’re in business for the first time?

Most sites these days are looking for niche content that’s going to impress their readers. The days where editors wanted to see content that would hit the largest number of people are gone.

Catch the Eye with Creative Headlines

Did you know that 33% of people open an email based on the subject line alone?

Catching the eye of an editor is the way to improve your chances of getting your content chosen. The main unbreakable rule for creating great content is to write a catchy headline that’s creative and interesting. This is easier said than done, and the majority of content isn’t interesting for this reason.

Think of how an editor would view your headline. Put yourself in their shoes and consider whether the site’s audience would be interested in such a headline. Headlines that blend in with everything else the site has will only make your pitch forgettable and uninteresting.

So how do you write that great headline?

Sometimes longer is better. The more specific you can get the better because you’re laser targeting a specific audience. This is what editors want to see.

Is Your Article Going to Hit the Site’s Audience?

One of the worst sins you can commit is not hitting the site’s target audience. One of the main rules for a publishable article is that it has to fit in with what the site wants to achieve. Never send out a mass email to lots of websites with your pitch. You’re wasting the editor’s time and they’re going to reject you instantly.

It’s always better to send your pitch to more relevant websites, even if you’re sending out fewer pitches. You need to hit the site’s audience and you need to provide content that benefits them.

Be Persistent

You can have the perfect pitch and an editor can still reject your contributed content. For a company looking to market itself fast this can make things difficult. It’s easy to get frustrated and it’s easy to think you’ve done something wrong. But the reality is you haven’t done anything wrong and you might have just submitted your pitch at the wrong time.

The key to getting contributed content published is to be persistent. If an editor has said it’s not the right content for them at this time ask them what they want.


Persistence is always going to win the day, as will following the editor’s guidelines. What do you think is the best way to get your contributed content published?

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