4 Tips to Get Going with Content Marketing | 180fusion

While everyone knows content is king, that doesn’t mean every business is acting like it. In fact, with how much effort goes into content and how often you have to produce it, content generation can be a time-consuming affair. However, by knowing the ropes and how to be effective and consistent, you’ll be attracting inbound leads in no time. Here’s how:

The Basics

If you’re not familiar with the principles of content marketing, let me assure you that it goes way beyond blogging. In fact, content marketing is a strategic play to showcase thought leadership, instructional guides, company culture, or even a sense of community. According to Izea, 54 percent of B2B marketers stated they hadn’t used content marketing before; on the other hand, Convince and Convert notes that as much as 70 percent of businesses report that they use content marketing as a tool to attract customers. If you haven’t considered this as an inbound strategy, it might be useful moving forward.

To begin, look at what your content is currently offering people and why that is useful. It’s important to note that a significant aspect of content marketing is varying material, giving yourself a chance to see what truly resonates with your audience and adds value to the community you’re building. The overarching idea is to give yourself enough content to post consistently, which a lot of content teams neglect.

Stay Consistent

One of the most important parts of content marketing is how consistently you deliver, as well as how your audience interacts with what you post. This can be tough, but it will separate you from the crowd. According to Point Visible, 91 percent of marketers are currently using content marketing as a tool, but that doesn’t mean they’re all keeping up with it reguarly. If you have the capacity to stick with this long-term, it could be advantageous to your business.

To begin, take a look at the current materials you’re producing and ask yourself how often those could realistically be turned into a blog post. The goal is to keep up with posting at the very least weekly, if not daily. Another important note about producing content is keeping a calendar, which will help you keep all your posts organized and give you a good feel for how you can improve in the future. A big part of content marketing is continuing to appeal to an audience, so as long as you’re able to keep your efforts rolling consistently, you’ll be garnering a fanbase in no time.

Keep It Visual

Although it might sound impractical, being able to generate visual components to your marketing mix can be crucial to getting more followers and shares. Although it might sound like it’s diluting the meat of the content, there’s no shame in producing something that’s both visually stimulating while hitting every point that’s necessary. As noted by Higher Visibility, people spend an average of 37 seconds reading an article, which is a pretty low number. That’s why keeping visual content in your arsenal isn’t a bad idea.

If you haven’t already, get familiar with some of the visual tools used to produce content, such as PhotoShop and InDesign. While no one is asking you to be an expert on these items, having a general understanding can go a long way. Furthermore, try to have your schedule for these be consistent, with a solid turnaround time on visuals to get you going. The mission is to produce more visual content, so use whatever mediums you deem best for generating the most likes and shares.

Don’t Forget About Social

Finally, while it’s one aspect of content marketing a lot of people overlook, social media is an item that can be crucial to spreading the good word about your company. Not only will this give you the opportunity to showcase yourself and engage with your audience, but you can also learn the best place to target these folks. For example, according to DreamGrow, 90 percent of Instagram users are younger than 35, which is a pretty surprising number considering the sheer volume of people on there. If you’ve been looking for a solid medium for a younger audience, this is the best.

Take a look at where your current demographic is on social media and how your content can infiltrate those platforms. Most likely, you’ll want to explore places like Twitter and LinkedIn. Remember, the more you’re able to engage with people, the more your content will garner leads, so take advantage of this system as a means to striving forward.

What are you most excited about in getting your content marketing going? Comment with your answers below!