4 Strategies To Consider If Your Content Marketing Isn't Hitting | 180fusion

Almost every content writer hits a wall. Whether it be a lack of ideas or a lack of results, it can be tough to stay consistent with your content marketing strategy. And if you find yourself in the position of your content not reaching the audience you intend to hit, then maybe it’s time to change up your strategy. That’s why we’ve provided a few helpful tips to get started; check them out below:

Change Up Your Structure

When most people consider content, they mostly think about it from a written perspective. And while it can be great to generate thought leadership pieces that offer perspective on your industry, it’s also important how you can change up the structure or style of your pieces to capture more leads. Even including more pictures can make a world of difference because, as noted by Jeff Bullas, articles with images get 94 percent more total views. And if you’re looking for numbers like that, it might not be a bad idea to start thinking about some other media you could incorporate as well.

No matter if it’s bringing on a videographer, designing more infographics, or even just picking up some stock photos, utilizing more visuals can be an excellent strategy to maximize your page views. Especially in the b2b world, this has become the go-to strategy; which, as noted by Hubspot, 51 percent of marketers stated was their top priority. This can make for fierce competition, which is why you should curate your visuals to match both your brand aesthetic as well as something you can produce consistently. See what type of overhead you have for content, as this could be what bolsters your traffic in no time.

Try A Different Social Strategy

If there’s one area a lot of content marketers could use some improvement on, it’s with their social media skills. While posting your articles can be great, you need to utilize social as a mechanism that will help bolster your potential audience, especially with platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, according to data provided by LinkedIn, approximately 94 percent of b2b marketers use the platform to promote their social content. If you aren’t hitting every platform every time, then it might be time to reassess your social strategy.

Begin by looking through where your current efforts lie, including where you’re posting and when. Depending on your industry and audience, certain times of the day can be much more beneficial to post at, such as at 11 am to get the most views. Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with reposting old content, as well as posting more frequently. As a business page, the expectation for the number of posts you put up is much different than that of your personal account, so don’t be afraid to up your numbers a little bit. Check out a social media management software like Buffer, as staying consistent with your social will be a surefire way to drive more visitors.

Become More Consistent

Although many consider content their bread-and-butter for inbound traffic, they don’t always post as much as they should. Granted it can be difficult to keep up with compelling pieces over and over again; however, that doesn’t always lead to the best ROI. Instead, the combination of quality and consistency will serve you much better, because as noted by Riverbed Marketing, even blogging just 2-3 times per week can lead to an increase in traffic by 177 percent. See what type of schedule you can come up with to start producing more because although it’s simple advice, it’s also a core element of successful content marketing.

Don’t Forget About Email

Finally, while email marketing is something many of us consider annoying when we’re on the receiving end, it still reigns supreme as one of the best ways to get your content out. Plus, the return on it can be great too; as noted by Campaign Monitor, for every $1 spent on email marketing, an average return of $38 is seen back. Yes, email still puts up numbers, which is why you should try to capture more from your mailing list.

If you haven’t already, establish a few signup points on your website, as well as your social media pages. Additionally, try to have your emails run in promotion of previous weeks content, shedding light on your most popular pieces. As email is something that needs to be well-designed, but concise, focusing on how to improve your click-thru rate will be vital, so run some A/B tests to see which designs work. All-in-all, email can get an excellent way to gain more views, so take your time in learning how to truly master this.

What are some strategies you’ve implemented to improve your content views? Comment with your answers below.