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When It Comes to Twitter, You Have to Be the Best, Not a Pest

In this media frenzy world, nothing makes a better communication tool than social media. The fact that 98% of all social media platforms are generally free to access and make use of is what makes them a business tool favorite for many people, both customers and merchants. Unlike Facebook and YouTube however, which are both […]

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180fusion Featured in Forbes as Google and Twitter Authorship Expert

180fusion was recently featured in Forbes. Our CEO, Scott Cohen was featured as an expert on how to utilize the power of Twitter and Google. The article, What Is The True Value of Google And Twitter Authorship?, focused on the importance of these two social media outlets. The author talked about why businesses (and individuals) […]

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New Improved Twitter Features Marketers Should Use

Twitter has been busy redesigning and redefining exactly how to connect with everyday users. In addition, Twitter is now taking aim at hard-core marketing and quality brands. Their latest design has an appearance similar to Facebook. Marketers now have the opportunity to take advantage of some of these new features and if you haven’t stopped […]

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How to Keep Your Twitter Followers Coming Back

Twitter is an important tool for businesses today engaged in online marketing. Numerous companies have profiles on Twitter and send out tweets regularly. They may have thousands of followers, but not all of them actually follow the company’s tweets on a regular basis. How can you be effective in your Twitter marketing so that your […]

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