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Making the Most of Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook has become the premiere social media marketing tool for all kinds of businesses, from small and/or new businesses to older, well-established global brands. Facebook has put together a well-designed platform for business owners to market their products and services, but it’s up to the business owners themselves to make the most of it, as […]

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Facebook Allows Branded Photo Tagging

Facebook has allowed users to tag their photos for a long time, allowing friends and family to be easily identified. According to Marketing Pilgrim, Facebook is now taking that tagging ability one step further by allowing you to not only tag your friends and family, but now allowing owners of Facebook Pages to tag products […]

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The Value of Followers in Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the newest form of Internet marketing, and also one of the most promising and lucrative. Facebook has turned its advertising platform into a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and more and more businesses are jumping onto to the Social Media Marketing (SMM) bandwagon in order to increase their visibility, awareness and bottom line. […]

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Facebook Promotions Policies Updated, Loosened

According to Marketing Pilgrim and confirmed by Inside Facebook, Facebook has recently pulled back some of their restrictions on the promotions that companies can use on their pages. These restrictions included age, residency and various industries such as tobacco, gambling, alcohol and so on. While Facebook must still comply with the restrictions found in the […]

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Running Toward Success

Spring is right around the corner and I’ve got running on the mind. It’s a bit strange to hear myself say that because for most of my life I hated running. Well, I didn’t hate every aspect of it – I DID like the feeling that came with finishing a run. Recently, it occurred to […]

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9 Facebook Fan Page Tips

The average Facebook user is connected to more than 60 other fan pages. What that means for you is that you are really vying for your potential client’s attention with 60 or more other fan pages. Here are 9 quick and easy ways to keep your fans interested and interacting with your Facebook fan page. […]

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The Big Ten Facebook Commandments

Everyone is talking about Social Media Marketing these days. We are, our competitors are — you see Facebook, YouTube and Linked In icons on every website these days. Everyone wants to use Social Media Marketing to their advantage, but not everyone knows the best way to accomplish that and what pitfalls to avoid. Here is […]

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