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An Entrepreneur Never Forgets – What You Should Always Remember About Social Media Brand Building

When building a business, social media is an integral part of it. Without a strong social media presence as part of an optimized digital marketing strategy, you are going to struggle to generate any momentum for your products and services. Whether you want to communicate your philanthropic efforts or a new product launch, social media […]

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Five Reasons Display will Take Over for Paid Search in 2016

The past few years have seen several noteworthy trends in the realm of paid search ads and display advertising–and there are, no doubt, more changes to come in 2016. In a recent article by Search Engine Land, columnist Josh Dreller points to some interesting evidence to suggest that display advertising spend will surpass paid search […]

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How SEO Is Affected By Social Strategy

Strong SEO doesn’t just happen on your website and inside your site’s code. These days, a really strong SEO strategy includes a really strong social media strategy. Think about it this way; a search engine’s goal is to determine how valuable your content is. This used to be decided based on the number of inbound […]

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Is SEO Really Marketing?

When you think of traditional marketing methods, the likes of printed advertisements, cold-calling and promotional materials come to mind. Yet with the rise of the Internet as a key component for many businesses big or small, online marketing has moved to the forefront when it comes to strategic advertising for companies. Search engine optimization (SEO) […]

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