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How to Achieve Success with Social Media Marketing

The social media has become a powerful tool for discovering and researching on brands that have hit the market by customers. It also affords a platform for marketers to be able to link up with potential customers. Over 90% of marketers reportedly make use of the new networks like Instagram, Vine as well as Pinterest. […]

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U.S. Hispanics are ahead of the digital curve. Are you?

Numbers tend not to lie. It’s widely projected that the United States Hispanic population will see a tremendous influx within the next 35 years. Yet most brands don’t implement marketing strategies that cater to this audience. And sadly, most agencies advise clients to only minimally invest in reaching them, if at all. Yet Google, after […]

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180Fusion Featured on Search Engine Journal: Discussing the Importance of Knowing Social Media Audience

Welcome to 2014! As businesses begin to tackle new strategies and ways to increase sales and visibility, it is extremely important to understand social media. If used right, social media can become a huge and successful part of a marketing campaign. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter were the three most important social networks for marketers and […]

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180fusion SEO Services Company CEO, Scott Cohen, Discusses The Best Keyword Suggestion Tools

Are you looking for some new keyword ideas? Are the ones you have boring and drab? Scott Cohen, CEO of 180Fusion, recently contributed to Search Engine People talking about different keyword tools to help you on the search to find the perfect keyword. Read more:

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Choosing the Right Keywords Google Adwords Management

Keywords are by far the most important component of Google Adwords management. Determining the perfect keywords to target with PPC advertising can be a difficult task. Recently, Google has introduced a keyword research tool (Keyword Planner) which allows you to search for a certain keyword which will give you ideas about keywords that are similar […]

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