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How to Utilize the Power of Facebook for Your Business

In today’s tech-focused world, establishing an online presence for your business is vital. As a business owner, you might have thought about improving visibility by having the company website in place, advertisements plastered upon the virtual walls of other sites, incoming links from forums and blogs etc. —however there is one simple tool that can […]

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Facebook Allows Branded Photo Tagging

Facebook has allowed users to tag their photos for a long time, allowing friends and family to be easily identified. According to Marketing Pilgrim, Facebook is now taking that tagging ability one step further by allowing you to not only tag your friends and family, but now allowing owners of Facebook Pages to tag products […]

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Facebook Promotions Policies Updated, Loosened

According to Marketing Pilgrim and confirmed by Inside Facebook, Facebook has recently pulled back some of their restrictions on the promotions that companies can use on their pages. These restrictions included age, residency and various industries such as tobacco, gambling, alcohol and so on. While Facebook must still comply with the restrictions found in the […]

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