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Content Writing and Tips

What does Google Consider “Quality Content”?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it thousand times—and the digital marketing industry agrees: don’t even consider skimping on content. Content is one of many critical aspects of successful Google campaigns. While it is considered one of the staples of SEO, it is just as important for PPC. Google cares most about user experience. […]

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Secrets About Facebook Ads You Don’t Know: 180fusion Expert Post

And how it’s co$ting you money… Some things get better with age…a delicious sultry bordeaux wine, an ultra smooth brandy, an aged gouda or a parmigianno-reggiano cheese. Paired with exciting compliments, or as stand alones, they fascinate, and transport one’s taste buds into sublime satisfaction. Though a distant world from cuisine, Facebook was having quite […]

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Top 5 Things to Keep In Mind While Doing Keyword Research

One of the important things to do, once you have a new website for your business, is to build an effective SEO campaign for the website. Search Engine Optimization simply involves choosing a set of keywords which will be recognized well by search engines and help your website gain high search engine rankings. One of […]

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7 Secrets to Maximize the ROI of Your Instagram Visual Marketing

Social marketing has proved itself to be much more than a simple fad. By properly utilizing social marketing, you can promote your business or website for a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing. Instagram is one of the newest social media sites out there and many businesses have been seeing a great return on […]

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3 Tips for Social Media in 2014

Over the last decade, and particularly in the last five years, social media has completely changed the way that businesses interact with consumers. We used to sit at home of an evening and passively watch television advertisements, but the two way conversations of the social media world have turned passive consumers into active participants. We […]

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