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  If you are getting push back that your prospect who is a CMO needs verification from the CEO that your proposed SEM and SEO strategy must have an attributable ROI and strong ROAS in the next 4-6 months to hit Q3 goals and wants to finalize by EOM to hit his KPIs, than you […]

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The History of Google Penguin

  On April 24th, 2012, Google announced the implementation of Google Penguin, an advanced algorithm system meant to decrease the ranking of websites in violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Violations include “automatically generated content, link schemes, cloaking, sneaky redirects, doorway pages, malicious behavior, hidden text or links, and scraped content.” Since SEO relies heavily […]

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Doomsday for Google+?

As I see changes rolling out to Google+, it reminds me of the closing scene to Beneath the Planet of the Apes, as Charlton Heston with his hand over his chest with blood oozing out saying, “It’s doomsday Zauis.”  As his dying act, he presses down on a button destroying the whole Earth.  Many feel […]

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