What does Google Consider “Quality Content”?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it thousand times—and the digital marketing industry agrees: don’t even consider skimping on content. Content is one of many critical aspects of successful Google campaigns. While it is considered one of the staples of SEO, it is just as important for PPC.

Google cares most about user experience. It’s what continually brings users back to Google as a search engine platform. Google won’t even consider ranking a page or showing an ad that leads the user to an empty, useless, or spammy page.

What value does your content hold?

Your webpage could be a blog, news site, e-commerce business, medical provider, service provider, or webpage of cat pictures—it doesn’t matter, because Google doesn’t discriminate. Is it information that your page viewer wants to read? Being careless hasn’t risen Google to the top of the internet world. If I search for “facts about humpback whales”, Google will list results that not only provide a SERP full of webpages with relevant and informative content, but likely webpages that have optimized for this, and similar keywords.

Don’t Even Think about Keyword Stuffing

You will look like a damn fool. Optimally, you should consider about 2-3 uses of a keyword or keyword variants. Google is smart enough to understand that words can have different prefixes, suffixes, or slight variations in

Content Writing and Tips

wording. Don’t worry—if someone isn’t searching for your targeted keyword verbatim, you will still be rewarded for great content that is relevant to the search query. Consider performing a Google search query about keyword stuffing. You’ll find some great examples of what not to do with your keywords—or, great tips for sounding like a broken record if that’s how you choose to do things (hint: don’t choose to do those things).

Are you Engaging the Viewer, and Informing the Viewer?

You can still use a professional voice and still be original and engaging. The average Google user (or most of Google users, really) don’t want to read a wall of text or something that doesn’t hit the point in 400 words. Google likes content, but viewers don’t like repetitive or pointless content that is just used to fill a page.

Read through our content posts to learn more about enhancing your content, updating your content, and making your content visually-pleasing. It’s essential, and shouldn’t be half-baked.