Top 5 Things to Keep In Mind While Doing Keyword Research | 180fusion

One of the important things to do, once you have a new website for your business, is to build an effective SEO campaign for the website. Search Engine Optimization simply involves choosing a set of keywords which will be recognized well by search engines and help your website gain high search engine rankings. One of the cornerstones for effective SEO is keyword research and analysis. Keyword research is quite a daunting process and a newbie to SEO industry may not find it easy. Whether you will involve a professional in your keyword research or you will do it by yourself, below are top 5 things to keep in mind while doing keyword research.

1. Do Not Rely Fully On Keyword Research Tools

There are so many tools that are used to aid in the process of keyword research. Some of the tools are free while others are paid for. The tools may include Google Adwords Keyword Planner, WordTracker, Overture Search Term Suggestion and Spyfu. These tools are very useful in terms of suggesting keywords that you can use. Others, like Spyfu, go to an extent of showing you the keywords that your competitors are using.

However, do not think that these tools are too intelligent to offer you all what you need to succeed in your keyword research. What these tools offer you is only a rough guide into your research. You need to research further deep into what these tools provide and get more advanced information.

2. Do Not Attempt To Do Keyword Research on Your Own

There are so many things involved in the keyword research analysis process. It is advisable to make use of the SEO consulting services. The consultants are experts in the SEO industry and most of them have gained high reputation because of the results they have produced. SEO consulting firms are aware of the keyword research tools and expertise that your website requires.

3. Make Use of Long-Tailed Keyword Phrases

Experts refer to this technique as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). You might have come across the word LSI before and wondered what it really means. It is based on variations, clustering and relationship of terms and iterations of the keywords. The use of these log tail keyword terms and synonyms is an effective way of garnering more traffic to your site. For a successful keyword research and SEO, it is a must you make use of LSI.

4. Choose Unique Keywords for Each And Every Page

Do page by page keyword research. It is advisable to target about 2 to 5 unique keywords and keyword phrases for each page of your website. Do not rely on one Meta keyword tag to serve the entire website. If you focus on unique keywords for each page, it gives the pages a chance to independently gain a higher rank on search engines. For instance, if your website deals with software engineering tutorials, you should have different keywords for PHP programming, Java programming, and Android programming tutorials’ pages.

5. Be Consistent In Your Keyword Research

The SEO industry is evolving day after day. You need to bear in mind that more new keywords are coming into place and you have to redo your keyword research in a more consistent manner. Even search behaviors by users are dynamic as well. It is therefore important to continuously adapt your keywords to the search behaviors of users.

In conclusion, an effective keyword research is a way of laying a solid foundation for your SEO campaign. Begin by changing your keyword research strategy and do not forget that the best strategy is to hire SEO experts to perform the keyword research and analysis process effectively.