Simple Tips for “Meaningful Content”

You’ve been hearing a lot about “meaningful content”, and how it can increase your rankings on Google—after all, Google is most focused on user experience. If your website content isn’t meaningful and informative, why should a user visit your page?

Are users looking for the type of content you are publishing?

Useful content for SEO best practices and organic Google marketingAre you providing meaningful commentary on current events? Is your page humorous? Are you a local plumbing company with home remedy tips? With literally millions upon millions of pages cluttering the internet, it’s important to provide something that your users actually want to read. If they decide to click on your link, there had better be something relevant to their search query—or, at least, something engaging enough to warrant a click.

How do you define “meaningful”?

This is a little difficult to pin down. What may be “meaningful” to one user may be meaningless to another. The least you can do is ensure that your content has the following qualities:

  • A type of uniqueness and originality
  • People can take something away from your page
  • You find a way to connect with your visitor, be it through engaging photographs, infographics, videos, or content that keeps them engaged until the end. While writing properly and professionally is important for your image, don’t hesitate to incorporate a personalized voice.

Make your content visually-pleasing

Long paragraphs are daunting for the average page viewer. Most will bounce off your page without a second thought. Consider breaking your paragraphs into something more digestible. Incorporate images, videos, or infographics to break up the page content, and create visual displays that are generally more pleasing. This will prevent your page from reading like a textbook.


Constantly refreshing your page content is critical to your SEO performance. Find the best ways to engage your viewers, stay recent on current events or recommendations, and consider employing an SEO company with the proper SEO expertise to best optimize your page for good Google ranking performance.